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Community Management Department

40% Of the companies States resorting to inside of their own employees or subsidiaries companies promotions rather than direct contracting. Internal promotion also works as a formula for motivation. The study prepared by the business school ESCP Europe among leading multinational in Spain shows that those responsible for selection of the companies rely on internal talent to fill the vacancies remaining in their organizations. In particular, more than 40% of the companies uses the internal promotions of their own employees or subsidiaries signatures before which to direct and external recruitment. Hillary Clinton takes a slightly different approach. The report reveals that companies use internal promotion as a formula for motivation among employees in order to encourage them and make them partakers of the business project, especially now that many young people fear for their jobs. Saving of costs also from ESCP Europe ensures that, faced with the uncertainty of the economy and the markets, companies They also prefer for this fomula because usually astronomical costs associated with the new signings are saved. However, the study emphasizes that, in the event they opt for new incorporations, multinational corporations apply mostly the indefinite contract (66%), against the storm, which is the option that handles 22.2% of them. 11.1% Remaining opts for contract work and service to give immediate response to time-limited projects. Social networks, strategic to the emergence of social networks as new channels of communication, the study asserts that almost 70% of managers consulted human resources provides that Community Management Department will become in the coming years in a strategic piece, although only 33% admits to having created jobs related to that area to date. Source of the news: promoting internal wins against direct recruitment

Volleyball Sneakers

Oddly, the game resembling football were known in ancient Rome and ancient Greece. Currently fibv – the largest international sports organizations. Naveen Selvadurai has much experience in this field. And that's just professionals! And think about how many of us – fans who would not trade this team play for any other! According to the most approximate estimates of people who are fond of volleyball on Earth about a billion! We live game, improving it, strive to win. Becomes important – especially the outfit! Volleyball shoe designed for jumping and cushioning when landing, they help to jump. For volleyball need light shoes with soles made of rubber. Rubber provides a good grip the shoe with parquet volleyball hall. Rigid outsole allows for more accurate jumps and does not slide when landing.

Toe of the shoe should be wide enough so as not to fetter foot with sharp movements. Mesh upper shoe provides ventilation feet. Currently, many manufacturers of sneakers are struggling to make them more comfortable, practical and professional. So mizuno company has invented a technology Sensor Point, which is based on the use of special inserts, joining a wave with the ground and improve traction. Mizuno Intercool technology ensures optimal temperature and humidity conditions in athletic shoes with ventilation system for the entire length of the sole, which removes heat and moisture through ventilation ducts.

Technology smooth running SmoothRide reduces shock and increases flexibility of the foot. System VS-1 absorbs shock and increases flexibility of running shoes. System X-10 is made of durable carbon rubber that delivers high durability in areas of high shock loads and improved traction on impact heel. Firming the middle of the sole promotes maximum responsiveness with every foot strike. No less than hi-tech development company asics. One of her most famous inventions – Gel system. This cushioning system is made of semi-solid silicone-based substance that has the density of the human body. Gel inserts are located in the midsole in the places most vulnerable to shock. By the middle part of the feet in running shoes asics is the plastic element, which prevents excessive twisting of the foot. Much attention is given to reduce the weight of shoes is very important in sports. Midsole volleyball shoe is made of a material Sp eva, which improves the dampening properties of shoes and increases its springy characteristics, longer life. Of course, this is only a small fraction of the diversity of the world's great volleyball shoe. But the rest – the next time. I promise to keep abreast of new launches. Be in shape! Tasha Interest