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The new GPS datalogger from Dolphin technology the company Dolphin technology has its new GPS datalogger expanded with more features and at the same time enormously easier (see Web page). Now the GPS data logger both the current situation and the position and direction of an object can also register. Previous models, the user on the recording and printing of temperatures and speeds were limited. New acquisition of the values according to the NMEA 0183 Protocol, it is now possible to record GPS data and more measurement results, to save them, and to monitor as needed. Technology was integrated into the new GPS data logger by Dolphin a new converter also. This allows you to transform of the data in an XML file conforming to Google Earth.

It is achieved a particularly vivid representation of data by the data material using a color gradient on a map can be made recognizable. In addition the fast and comprehensive analysis of data on their speed, the height, and the environment. These innovative function supports dynamic tests and data collection in the environment first and foremost. Also the combination with other measurements is now child’s play. The new GPS datalogger is independently calculated the respective longitude and latitude from the information collected. Storing collected data can be carried out directly into the internal memory core, or alternatively via GPRS / UMTS wireless transmission on a PC at work, or on any other computer. Thanks to the one used in the new GPS data logger “ProfiSignal go” program evaluation data in offline mode is possible as well as the online monitoring of recorded information. By transforming it into different charts, a very clear presentation of the results is possible with the new GPS datalogger. LogMessage is more than sufficient as hardware for the majority of the GPS datalogger. There is also the option to expand the modular TopMessage of master-slave system with extremely many channels on the. Contact: Delphin Technology AG lust Heath 81 51427 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: + 49 (0) 2204 97685-0 E-mail: