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Alberto Manager

Their loyalty and their identification are concentrated in people. The Organization, the company or the Ministry are not but representations of individuals who run it. It is solidarity with its people. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel. The institution is not a source of motivation. Since then, there will be other factors, however, the above are a few guidelines that allow us to give us an idea of your conduct, personality and their possible behavior in organizations. Definitely big challenges, demands of the current scenarios, in addition to others a new ideology that has emerged from the Bolivarian revolution with the so-called socialism of the 21st century, forcing that transition to a new management style that he allows face the challenges, generating the necessary changes that ensure outcomes favorable to the company, participation, conquering markets, permanence. Adding to all this the commitment of universities, schools of management to define a new profile of the Manager, promoting him modern knowledge of administrative science, applicability of new tools, as well as an autoconocimeinto of the Manager in order to give way to their strengths that ensure good management Venezuela requires new management, more visionary, participative, dynamica management training integral, entrepreneur, strategist, business partner, with powers to be process consultant, agent of change and human sensitivity.

A real proactive leader, ensuring democracy in its management, capable of integrating and working teams, who must be fully identified with productivity, quality according to the requirements of consumers to use. Be a Manager backed with comprehensive training and multifunctional, i.e. it should be prepared to speak and handle the modern language of finance, computing, technology, marketing, production, knowing at least another language in order to facilitate the global processes and have the ability to act. Properly handle the authority without abusing power, recognizing the performance of its workers, provide them with the knowledge necessary to give way to the abilities and skills of these. Likewise, you should share and understand the needs and views of customers, forming multidisciplinary teams for the achievement of clearly defined strategic objectives.

Conclusion the Venezuelan management must restructure their leadership style, getting more into trying to meet the demands of the markets that are increasingly competitive identify with the responsibility to adapt to economic changes that crosses the country, with the strengthening of its leadership, teamwork toward the achievement of common objectives. Precisely, the key for management is in apply modern management tools that allow you to get results, so that products and services meet or meet the needs of the consumer * source: I.E.S.A. The challenges and dilemmas of the management as to support competitiveness in Venezuelan organizations. October, 2000. Dwells, Carlos. Venezuela: Their managers. July, 2000. Rial, Alberto. Venezuelan Manager. April, 1999.