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International Sports Festival Adventure Sports

Remarkably, is the entity VILLAGE creator of this event, which has organized itself for 20 consecutive years and that tourist promotions Valley for 26 years will develop the following competitive sports: Canoeing (Raft and Kayak), climbing arena (rock artificial) and mountain biking. There will also be a party between athletes, journalists and the general public. Participating athletes of Huaraz, Lunahuana, Arequipa, Tarapoto, Huancayo, Cusco, Apurimac, Pozuzo, Abancay, Huanuco, Lima, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina, will have massive public assistance, who will enjoy our activities, be completely Free. Connect with other leaders such as Technology Investor here. For the realization of the event under the auspices of: District , Nature Valley, repellent PREMIER, River Expeditions, TERRA, and THULE. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Adroll Marketing Platform. Attendees may stay in the San Geronimo Camping facilities. They must bring tents and personal gear for camping. Similarly hotels, lodges and hostels offer a sale fares.

The site covers 20,000 m2 of green areas along the river Canete, showers, bathrooms, lighting, warden, parking, restaurant, etc. 33 km is located in Imperial Highway – (American College of Sports Adventure) is an institution dedicated to the Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism and Adventure Travel. A pioneer in the promotion and dissemination of sports in Peru, with the aim of encouraging young people to practice and disseminate these sports tourists places for carrying out those activities.