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Radio Engineering

Have you ever thought about what would happen if cell phones, refrigerators, washing machines and other miracles of engineering, would never have existed? No? And do not hesitate, because the former can not be undone. Better Think about what will happen when it all suddenly breaks down. The solution to this, no doubt, bad casus only one thing – go and select another. After talking with the director of one of the stores, retailers in Radio Engineering and Electronics, I would like to tell you about a couple of nuances associated with the acquisition of data – and not only – the wonders of technology. First, make sure that the product meets all your requirements – including its color, form, representations of functions and so on – because the return is for these reasons it you can not.

Any seller simply will point a finger at a government decree number 55, in which black and white says that cell phones and other sophisticated equipment can not be exchanged or returned for reasons not related to poor quality of the seller or manufacturer. And you'll have to tolerate for long hated cell phone, or, say, refrigerator at home. Second, specify the seller and it is desirable to lock in writing – if it is not specified in the datasheet – the time of delivery and service life of the goods that you purchase. Although, even if specified will not be, you are entitled to maintenance and repair of the purchased goods within two years from the date of purchase. And be sure to check in the shop, that thing you want privoloch to his home work. If the advance paid for the goods were not delivered within the specified period, ask the store a penalty of half a percent of the cost of goods for each day of delay.

Third, if you have found disadvantage to which you have no relationship to an already purchased this product, you may need to replace it with a similar, or refund your money or, in extreme "fire", to repair the aforesaid. If you have not kept a check and the seller is for this reason refused to exchange a purchase, you should know: he is simply afraid to take off from work. Do not scare him, and gently explain that you verify the authenticity of your words is possible in other ways. After that, during twenty days from the date of application, you will get repaired or, if you insist, the new product. For a period of replacement demand, and better yet ask the replacement item for temporary use. Provide it in three days. Agree, if the home refrigerator broke down, well now, eating on the street store? If the repaired item you are not given in time, the store will pay a penalty component of one percent of product price. When sent to repair the thing weighs less than five pounds, you have to take her there and back myself. In other cases, the store will help you. Fourth, the "bending fingers" to the seller in a store, do not forget refer to the Law on Consumer Rights "and, perhaps, you are not kicked out of him. To avoid all sorts of troubles with the product that you want to buy or already bought, so we must act: Seven times measure – one cut. Better Think in advance what you need, check and arrange everything with the seller on the spot. And then, these tips will never come in handy. I sincerely wish you that.