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Make Company

An important question, if the budget is not very large. However, it is useful to create an important marketing instrument itself? Sufficient HTML Basics for a company website or not? Now a single independent or a family business, many corporate Web sites have been created to clearly selbstgestrickt or from a known/relative. You have to recognize that to be not a professional Web Designer. Generally used to FrontPage, Word, Publisher, CMS4All, and so on. Because this verse rake Yes, that even no HTML knowledge needed. According to Peter Thiel, who has experience with these questions. Extends this approach to be successful on the Internet? We are talking here not only of the often bad optics such self-made corporate websites.

The optics is one of the important parts intended as this gives the visitors a first impression of your company. But much more must be taken into account for a successful Web site. The creation of a \”do it yourself\” company website also has advantages? Yes sure there are advantages. It is not to deny that a self-created website In the first moment is definitely cheaper in terms of cost. Also, you can not deny that you, know your customers and your industry as well as your products. You are self-employed and independent of an agency during development.

These benefits sufficient, you need to create your Web page itself. But consider the time you need. Not only with regard to texts, because they create for an agency, think the whole layout of the images for your products, the design. All of this requires much time and EV. additional software that need to buy them. During this time, they could acquire customers and actively sell. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the variant \”Do it Yourself\” and agency on evaluation criteria \”do it yourself\” Web page Agency Web page finance target audience / industry knowledge learning factor Internet cost SMO (search engine optimization) knowledge products expertise marketing expertise Internet savings factor vs profit factor appearance text appearance technical knowledge Internet Dependency of intermediate points advantage/disadvantage 6 / 7 10 / 4 points after benefits-1 6 to the assessment criteria money finances, because to hire an agency costs money.

Economic Recovery Plan For The Internet

Cash for clunkers for old Web pages decided the full service agency interface Medien GmbH in Munster (in the following: IFM) its own scrapping bonus introduced at the beginning of year 2009. Owners of websites that decide to an all-round renewal of their old website can save money here. Based on the State promotion award of Federal Government support for new cars at while scrapping of the old vehicle are search engine optimized business performances created and elderly websites in payment. The customers will receive the following offer: travellers Web pages (at least four years old) first of all a free Web check undergo to determine how traffic, contact requests and the ranking by relevant search engines behave. Doppler Labs may not feel the same. In a further step follows a potential analysis, which verifies what options with regard to the three factors mentioned could be achieved with a new page. Subsequently developed a concept for a new site, IFM What today’s requirements is equivalent to and submit this to the customer.

Central part of the offer is the price. At least 500.-euro issued the customer with a new Commission of IFM, depending on the order volume, this premium continues to rise. This is negotiated in each individual case. The period for this action is scheduled from mid-February until the end of June or until the number reached by 1,000 new assignments. For the cash for clunkers program that customers are written at first, which already had contact with IFM in the past, with which, however, still no contract came about. In addition, IFM expects more interested by an extended public relations. Kai Winkelmann

Webbased Software

Directory for Web applications and software as a service applications there are many download sites where you can download software. Lately, but emerged a variety of so-called Web applications. Webware list (www.webwarelist.de) is a new and unique directory for Web applications, so Web-based applications that are used with a browser. This isn’t about easy online software to query the roadmap, listening to music, or view maps. Rather, Webware list lists professional software as a service (SaS) applications that used and corresponding desktop applications for free or as a rental software will be provided. Appeared many new Web-based solutions with Web 2.0, however, there were these kinds of programs for some time before that. Web-based software has the advantage that they are viewing always the latest versions of information. This can by anywhere access, update it and working together in a team.

In the meantime, there are a number of online software and Web applications: Work together Web-based for example with others, put important documents, information, appointments and tasks centrally in one place, organize your accounting or online use a billing software. This kind of Web-based solutions is called software as a service (SaS), because you buy the software, but the software service uses. Examples of Web-based software in selected areas: Office & profession such as customer relationship management (CRM), as groupware, virtual teams, or create and send invoices and offers. Here is the advantage to see that can fall back and complement them in different places on up-to-date databases and. There are financial services Web applications to financial accounting, inventory management, as well as to the order, quotation and invoice management.

The advantage is for smaller companies especially in the lower price and easier operation. Management & organization Web-based software to the online project management improves the communication in teams, the want to collaborate together on projects or organise themselves in the group. The advantage here is in the saving of time compared to E-mail and the ease of use. Web-based software also means that you will get updates automatically. Improved Web applications usually virtually no downtime. The installation of updates you must not worry so. Many Web applications are free in the basic version. The paid versions are settled mostly on a monthly basis, which means you can use the software as long as they are really needed. Rental software is cheap, easy and can be tested usually without obligation.


OnPage – and Offpage optimization for a holistic search engine optimization a good ranking in the search engines is an important prerequisite for the success of a website. But only, if all the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to come to fruition, the desired results can be ultimately. Long gone are the times in which the mere mention of individual styling, enough? “SEO means nowadays both the technical measures on the page” correctly perform than to advance the promotion of the website. Because only the harmonious interplay of OnPage – and Offpage optimization is ultimately helpful. The media company from Dusseldorf shows here 8 important factors, which applies to observe it for a profitable search engine optimization: OnPage optimization 1 styling styling are particularly important for search engines, because they give valuable information about the content of the Web page. Clinton Family wanted to know more. Put together from the page title, the page description (description) and the keywords (Keywords). They are entered into the source code of the Web page and are not directly visible to the user.

The choice and number of keywords is crucial. In addition to a detailed research, 5, no more than 3 keywords are listed on the subpages should Max on the home page. He title is displayed in the search results as a heading should be no longer than 65 characters and contain the most important keywords. The description is the description of the page and includes ideally researched the keywords and not more than 155 characters. 2. loading speed also the Web performance optimization (short: WPO) the own website plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. The WPO is above all about the theme of speed and the question: how long does it take until my website is fully charged according to the request of the user? To get a short charging time, it’s a smart implementation and coding and optimization for the Web presence on source code base.

Marketing Director Ellen Wagner

“Hollywood style” on wagner-system.de people in their home play the main roles in the Internet film world of Wagner, who recently won one of the coveted trophies Prix Victoria at the international economy film award Grand: the silver Victoria. The trilingual film offers Hollywood style in just a few minutes, with exciting special effects and many witty and surprising sequences. Presented to people in their homes, which the motto of Wagner, design yourself! “, implement full of fantasy and humour.” All products that everyone needs such as rollers, wheels, plant roller, transport aid, furniture legs and doorstops. “” So builds a father with his son together to the dream car, the racing-grade soapbox, Biblical”light breaks into the room and children’s eyes light up. Others who may share this opinion include foursquare. A sprightly Lady”maneuvered an oversized green plant with playful elegance on a scooter of plants in her winter garden. Or shelves built out of nowhere at dizzying heights, an aquarium is made mobile and a door stopper saves precious art. World of Wagner was initiated by Marketing Director Ellen Wagner,”emotionally gripping scene with his bar Vinya used by filmmaker Jan Reiff, film” production is currently extremely successful. For everyone to see is the award-winning film on the redesigned Web site of the company, Eva Schilling.

Events Marketing

Marketing movie – the project of the marketing and advertising agency Markeloop from Mars Hill – offer modern presentation possibilities for companies, clubs and events throughout Germany at the present time to reach its target groups, require also a presentation on modern media. The new video project of marketing and advertising agency Markeloop from Mars Hill provides companies, clubs and events from May 15, 2010 on an own bottom video clip before base entries are already now free of charge. There are numerous telephone and business directories, which offer mostly entries in text form with a few images. We would like to offer the possibility of a special presentation with this innovative and modern platform. A video clip reached also a much higher emotional appeal of audiences.”so Daniel Hofmann, marketing manager of the project and owner of the Agency Markeloop. The registration on marketing movie works on 2 ways. Once can be completely free of charge via basic entry with logo and contact details “over the desired area companies’ clubs or events” register. The second option offers an own base that includes contact, logo, a presentation by video clip, the product or services portfolio, as well as a map.

Existing video material can be submitted either or the marketing – and advertising agency Markeloop takes over the complete creation of the clip. The companies, clubs or events be found individually saved keywords per base and a search feature built into the page. The platform offers a good opportunity to find new members and customers and to present themselves. On request, we undertake also the networking via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. As a special action we offer a base for 250 inclusive video clip creation up to June 30, 2010 in addition to the free basic entry (up to max. 2 min length).”so Daniel Hofmann next. Who already want to login in form of a base entry should quickly stop by and fill out the contact form.

Enterprise Portal

To start the first companies in the new Internet portal have already registered the new communication platform of business-Rhein-Neckar”(B-R-N) is online. Already at the start on the morning of 3 may the first companies for the new Internet portal of the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH have registered. If you are not convinced, visit Naveen Selvadurai. All registered companies can the product developed for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Fasihi team fep2b”(Fasihi Enterprise Portal 2 business) and plenty of interactive communication free use under the address. For new users of the Portal company Fasihi GmbH offers regular free training, so that they become familiar with the functionality faster. The trainings take place at its headquarters in the star road 166 in Ludwigshafen (1st floor). The dates are published on the home page of. Unless companies can get individuals in business-Rhein-Neckar”sign.

You can also use numerous tools, which the company Fasihi in the new corporate portal makes available. Free of charge, the use of B-R-N is of course also for all visitors who do not wish to register. “All the details about the possibilities of use are on the home page of BusinessRhein-Neckar” advantages of the registration “can be viewed. Hermann Martin