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Universal Key For Intercom

Today, electronic locks and intercoms technology-Touch Memory ubiquitous. Probably everyone in your pocket, on a bunch of keys is called key-tablet, which is needed to get to the office or in a doorway. Not surprisingly, that many have to carry around all the time on several key tablets, in addition to conventional keys, from which the ligament becomes heavy and cumbersome. As it would be nice to replace the whole bunch of electronic switches for one universal intercom key that opens any intercom! Now you have a chance! By purchasing our universal key, you will forever get rid of all the problems with the keys. You no longer have to freeze under front door and remember the apartment number of your friends to whom you came to visit, you no longer have to call from your mobile and ask you to open an entrance. Universal key to open the intercom is capable of virtually any intercom. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Source Financial. So how do you interact with the tablet "base", being a passive device? It should be noted that the parade rules only a master, that is, the tablet is not capable of generating any impulses. Her only opportunity – to keep the tire at zero (close to the ground bus through the internal transistor).

By default intercom is set voltage +5 volts, a la a logical unit. To send a logic zero master through the transistor closes a tire on the ground, and to transfer the unit simply opens. This is done to ensure food slave.

Multimedia Player

First thing you can love Media Player – it certainly support their high-definition video. All these modern players support playback of film formats FullHD. Now you can fully enjoy all the advantages of this resolution, especially if you have tvpanel with large screen. As media players can be viewed on the speaker sound is excellent quality. However, this by no means all the advantages of media players over other players, audio and video. Part of the media players can be filled with an internal hdd, thus making him (the player) is also a place to store your data, and rather far-reaching, if you insert, for example, hdd size of 2 Tib. On top of some of the players are endowed with the controller Ethernet, allows you to make your home network from your pc and player.

This will keep all the media files on your hard disk player, freeing up space on the screw machine programs and other files, and games. Nearly all modern media players allow you to connect external USB-device and equipped with one or two usb interfaces 2. 0. Connect through them can be flash-drives or external USB-drives. K Some also have the opportunity to connect the USB-drive and watch movies with dvd drives. Enjoyable moment fans shake their music and movies from the Internet are stationary player with support for working with torrent trackers. For This must be configured for the player access to the Internet, to feed him the torrent file and wait for download. After all this success look. And a lot of things, because, usually, supporting an impressive number of media players various video and audio formats, as well as a variety of graphics file formats. You have until this moment did not know about this miracle of technology as a media player? Now we know it! So why sit? Go well, buy and enjoy high definition in your home!