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Michel Nostradamus

Now let's come to the following very interesting page stories devoted to the great prophet Michel Nostradamus. We have already published an article about Michel Nostradamus, but we'll touch on his life in combat Nostradamus not only with the plague, but also with the "virus of Darkness." After the death of the Knights Templar archangel Michael decides to "go underground". This is certainly true of people loyal to him, which, thanks to the efforts of Michael's form new secret Rosicrucian Order, which have become symbols of the cross and rose. The Order of Rosicrucians exist in parallel created Nimrod a secret society of masons whose aim is to achieve power throughout the world. In the Order of the Rosicrucians is the elite of the Church of Michael, and Michael himself becomes its leader. In addition, Michael decides to undergo the second stage of purification of self-consciousness in the embodiment of man on earth.

That is so and is born Michel Nostradamus. His fate before birth clearly painted by Michael, but the Nostradamus most of his destiny is using mind the average person, unaware of the fact, whose consciousness Soul he really is. So knowing nothing about his unusual fate, Michel Nostradamus bravely accepts the challenge before all the adversities, which in fact he himself had prepared. And this act of Michael is unprecedented in the history of consciousness of the Earth, when a representative of a highly developed consciousness – the angel – the second time on its own initiative, subjected himself to severe tests in the form of human suffering and deprivation, which in many ways contributed to the fact that the vibrational formula consciousness Soul Michael has undergone radical changes, virtually cleansed of "Virus of Darkness." Being in the image of Nostradamus, none other than as Michael wrote his famous quatrains, dedicated to the Queen of Heaven (Lady) and her plan to rid mankind of the "virus of Darkness." It was the Queen of Heaven (Virgin) appears in the quatrains of Nostradamus in the role of the lady which today's campaign commercials on tv trying to be Yulia . But as it turned out, not prophetic quatrains have been the most important achievement in the life of Nostradamus.

High Quarter

One meets, also, represented in these two iluminuras the new Real Palace of the Ribeira, next to the Tejo, for imposition of D. Manuel, a time that was from there that they broke the vessels. Ahead of it the Place of fetichism of the Pao, that if opened to exert the place of an enormous square. The West its houses construam the nobles. In this height, the medieval structures of the city had suffered modifications, being that great part of them had been abandoned, giving to place the constructions traced to the taste of the Renaissance, fact harnessed for the wealth comings of India. However, this luxury was not expressed magnificent and sumptuosos palaces. In such a way thus it is that, in 1571, Francisco of Holland almost mentioned the monument absence to it in Lisbon. It stops beyond the Cathedral, whose foundation if gave in 1147, little more was counted beyond the manuelinos buildings.

Exactly the houses of the great nobles were constructed with architecture little to regulate, revealing only of great dimensions. In 1650, Joo Nunes Tinoco, arquitecto, made the first plant of Lisbon of that if he has knowledge. This plain one shows the left extreme of the city as one ' ' net of streets cutting itself in direct angles, whose aspect is very different of the remaining portion of the city that we saw to extend without plan nor law. &#039 is the High Quarter (…); ' (FRANCE; 1987:27). This zone of the city still today conserve the same aspect. In elapsing of century XVI, with the fenmeno of urbanism, two new quarters had been constructed, enter the edges of the Tejo and the Lark, in whose urbanization it was made of low for top, being that the first ones to be used had been the lands close to the river. There modest houses had been risen, of a nucleus of people whose profession if related with the sea.