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Search Words

Says an old story if I remember correctly, that the streets of a big city a barefoot boy wandered late at night, walking day and night. To find something I wanted. After several days, a jolly-looking man asked, looking yQue child? The boy said a word, sir. The boy walked down the street when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. She jumped and turned to see an old lady with white hair and beautiful smile I had ever seen. I can help you he said, is what you're looking for.

I call it "The cavern of lost words, the secret is to look within yourself. After thanking the old woman went in search of the cavern. He kept wandering around the city until he left the city exhausted by a dirt road leading to it to enter the field in the middle of the cold, dark night, lit only by the fullness of the full moon shining on that cold night winter. Suddenly he stumbled with a trunk was in the middle of the road and jumped into the air until reaching a large rock that was thrown just as his body fell to the ground. He was amazed because he could see was unimaginable that he was behind that rock.

He rose quickly and began to remove the weeds to see all that great. Little by little she became the light inside the cave and saw that there were many thousands of shelves with glass jars of different shapes and sizes with liquids of all colors. An affable and smiling gnome out between them with a candle and you could see everything much better. It asked, yQue are looking smaller? – I am looking for a word, sir. – The gnome nodded, closed his eyes and replied, you are in the right place child. And suddenly a small still-shaped bottle with an emerald green liquid came into his hands. Here's the word you're looking for, you wrap it up son. – And the boy asked, yComo know that this is the word I'm looking for? – Then the wise old gnome came up the bottle to his nose and uncovering the cork allowed the small smell the aroma. Thus the boy closed his eyes and sniffed the aroma, then felt it was that the word, that you've been looking and happily replied, if this is me take it. And so I ran out of the cave with the bottle with green liquid in his hand, thanking the gnome as he walked away slowly along the narrow road. Full of enthusiasm ran like a flash forward to coming home as soon as possible to give to their parents the word, the word he was looking for and wanted to give them some time … Gift heartfelt words, is the essence of communication, so everyone will appreciate not only your words but how you say. Look inside you those words you could not tell time and offer them before they find you do not know in your heart.