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Interior Decorating

What a pretentious interior. It is easier to spoil any trifle including wire video and audio systems which are publicly displayed. Peter Thiel brings even more insight to the discussion. Meanwhile, the wires can be removed in a plasterboard box, which is mounted on the wall behind the TV plasma. Decorated in the style of the situation, this small ledge does not spoil the impression of the interior, and often becomes an additional surface for the installation paintings and accessories. However, if the construction of the wall can arrange Stroebe, designers do without the add-in drywall, “secretly” stretching the wire along the troughs to the right enshrined on the wall of plasma screen. Along the way to solve other pressing problems associated with the placement of columns: wiring for audio, you can also hide in the wall (if desired, then the dynamics are embedded in the ceiling), or in a small podium, where Place the speakers. Wire placed in the plasterboard boxes, wall Stroebe and podiums, will not have to extract from the refuge, even the replacement of equipment in more than modern. Enough to establish new outlets with audio and video inputs / outputs that are normally hidden in the most drywall construction (which provides technical access), a TV screen or decorative panels, framing a “technical unit”. More difficult to electrical equipment, ventilation systems and other utilities, which traditionally have over their heads: they can not wall up “forever”, why not dispense with the false surface with a hidden access to engineering. Typically, an audit opening organize the omitted suspended plasterboard ceilings, with subsequent fixation in its aluminum frame door (hatch door painted in the appropriate color or okleivayut wallpaper).

Stylish Wardrobe

Curtains bring into the room the finishing touch by complementing and perfecting the design of the interior. They make the room a cozy, beautiful, inaccessible to prying eyes, and too bright light. Curtains can be like a curtain of one or two panels, and a real work of art created by talented designer with different types of curtains, a combination of different fabrics and embellishments. Materials for making curtains for curtains use the most various tissues, which are listed in the format of a single article is impossible. Actual textured jacquard with a matte or shiny patterned, velvet (especially with the lettering), as well as cotton, which are increasingly adding artificial materials to give the fabric strength and durability. Brad Pitt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the fashion of natural silk, both classical and simulating velvet, linen. The highest-quality and expensive – French and Italian silk. For "complex" curtains apply zhatye and pleated fabric, classic curtains actual fabric with embroidery, print (printed design), applique, Merezhko, laces.

Very prestigious handmade curtains. In the fashion of "double" fabrics, where 2 layers canvases are connected in some places and finished with applique or decorative elements. Artificial fabrics are also widely used, they are cheaper and more practical than natural. Among these materials – polyester, viscose as well as with inclusion of linen or cotton. Tulle, too, are still popular, especially in a grid with metallized threads, for the interior "high tech" (curtains photos). Types of curtains Classic most familiar and common form – direct sliding curtains are often used in conjunction with the tulle.