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Online Advertising

As you know, ensure that you get the check is very questionable. Part of the questionnaires after registration are Canadian. Still nothing, what’s the difference for someone polls receive, but with response, please put a Canadian postal code, ie it is only for residents of Canada and, therefore, money is not in sight. In addition, all these polls are within a dollar. Yes, there are polls for who send $ 10, $ 15 and above, but I have such For some reason, did not wait. Each questionnaire asks you a question about how many times a month, you would like to receive surveys.

Of course, you fill in the maximum number that are there, because decided to make it seriously. But, in fact, These polls come rarely. With Russian polls, the situation is no better. Them, there are few, they too often do not send, and many offer vouchers instead of money or gifts. I think that here it is easy to conclude that earnings amounts. Contextual advertising. Now this kind of earnings is especially popular.

Yandex, Google, Runner, Ozone vying to offer their advertising, constantly improving its services and payments system. Put a time on your website or blog and then only make a profit. Yes, of course, all this so you can earn good money. but, we are talking about newcomers to the Internet, which has yet to learn to earn. To do this, first of all, should be a website or blog. Assume that they have done by yourself or with someone’s help.

Flash Drive

Nowadays it is very difficult to find someone who does not know what usb – hard drive based on flash-memory. Of course, most know these devices are called "flash drive" or "flash". Flash drives have many advantages to other carriers. Basically it is – the miniature size of the device and no mechanical parts, which allows drives to be very durable. In addition, the shelf life of information on some models reaches a hundred years! usb Flash Drive with logo is a great way to promote your brand on the market! Indeed, thanks to durability, it will be a long time to remind clients about your company, product or service. But what kind of stick to choose as business gifts? The novelty of recent years – usb flash drive card. The main difference from other types of drives – a very large box under the application, allowing not limited to a small logo.

On many flash cards can Apply a full color image! There are several types of such devices. The main differences in the methods and ease of application. Do not forget that the area under application must be absolutely flat and have no protrusions. Stick pens – a great corporate souvenir, as it combines not only the flash drive, but a ballpoint or fountain pen. Also, sometimes in the body of this stick handles mounted laser pointer or even a miniature camcorder.

Flashes of metal or plastic. It can be both classic drives and flash designer gift. Most often a logo used by the pad printing, plastic stick and a laser engraving flash of metal. Put the image (personalize) the stick in several ways: Laser engraving – laser beam removes the device from the surface layer of material. This way you can apply monochrome image. Images caused by laser engraving, very durable. This method is applicable for use on USB-drives from the metal, at least – made of leather or imitation leather. Pad printing allows to create color images, usually in two or four colors. Technology features allow you to make application to the uneven (concave or convex) surfaces of virtually any material. Stick with the logos can be used as prizes in your advertising campaign (for example, receives many breweries), you can give partners as business cards (different version – I stick to your catalog or presentation of your company, product or service) you can just stick to give to your customers, partners or employees for any occasion, for example, on the day of its foundation. Now the cost of flash cards with the logo varies from 300-400 rubles to several thousand. Price depends strongly on the run. Any person or company will be able to pick up the drive on its financial opportunities!

Computer Tips

Ie even if you choose a processor and memory with the motherboard, even the most expensive, and the video card buy some not too expensive, then a lot of pleasure from the game you're unlikely to get. Or maybe you watch the game instead of a comfortable, solid brakes and more just immediately quit the game. So, if a little is not enough money for a good video card, do not be afraid to save thousands on a different processor or even on something. This can be a hard disk, for example, or monitor. Most importantly never skimp on the graphics card.

Of course if you're going to buy a gaming computer, you need to just take care of the powerful psu. Recommend to buy the power supplies such as stamps and Inwin fsp. Y blocks Supply Inwin real power corresponds to that indicated, for example, on the price list, or that specified, naleplennom sticker on the power supply. At psu fsp real power can be a little more than indicated on the price list or on the same sticker. So the choice is yours.

In any case, you will not lose by buying the power supply to one of these companies. Just on their own observations of the work for amd and Intel, I can give advice. Most people buy computers based on processors amd, as many say that amd processors are well suited for gaming. These people are right of course, these processors are really well behaved in the games, but I would not buy amd, and here's why: 1) These processors are very warm and they tend to put a good cooling system, which is sometimes not so little, but it is not very important.

Notebook HP DV2

When hp and amd pitched the idea of a laptop with prices and features between netbooks and notebooks, it intrigued. And although many of them were tempting, their micro-keyboard small, low-resolution screen is not always convenient. But In fact, why do I need to haul MacBook Pro everywhere, if only need to edit something in to check your e-mail? Besides romontirovat laptop worn with a need to more often. DV2 – hp response to this dilemma. After all, it's almost like a small notebook, but just as powerful as a regular laptop. Said that it would be better than both of these products. Of course there was the danger that he would be the worst of them.

But fears were not justified, because the DV2 is a smart computer, although it was still far from perfect. DV2 is the price gap between netbooks and notebooks, but comparisons can be misleading. hp has gone all to get the right shape, and they succeeded. It really is a very thin (less than inch) body, however, seems somewhat darkened block convex batteries. But this is not bad, not particularly concerned about the lack of flat shape. Opens and closes DV2 with a magnet, although not so easy to weight open with one hand. The surface is black with chrome, putting the fields.

Unfortunately, the gloss is lost after work nanem for several hours, as on the surface of fingerprints and smudges. Dust also collected in the cracks and is very visible on the shiny surface. The keyboard seems quite large, but is not centered, that not everyone likes. Nevertheless, the keys of a good size (although a little close to each other). Most of the compression seems to happen on the left side, where the keys are esc, tab, and others decreased significantly. Yet, this keyboard is better than other compact laptops. Display size of 12.1 'and the ratio 16:10 is excellent. A 1280 800 means that you can even watch 720p in full size. Picture is fairly sharp, though the vertical viewing angle and color to the right rather limited. And in the repair of replacement of the matrix display laptop will not expensive! There antiglare coating, like any other modern notebook. And at least, the display is bright enough, that lets you work and in low light. As for accessories DV2, they much better than that of the average netbook, with a price of about $ 1200. For example, up to 4 gb of ram and a 250-Gbaytny hard drive, which stands out quite a bit compared to netbooks, which are usually sold separately. Incredibly sexy Blu-Ray player that comes with the DV2 is excellent, because the screen actually supports 720p. DV2 suddenly becomes a very good little portable media computer. This is a great second notebook when you need have a portable computer, and because he got a lot of space on your hard drive, it works like a small laptop.