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The VGA Computer Cable Computer

The VGA cable is one of the most common connecting the personal computer. It connects to IBM-compatible personal computer, the graphics card to the monitor or other devices to display the image. It thus forms the interface between the emergence of video graphics and display the graphic. VGA means Video Graphics Array, a computer standard that is almost from the dawn of the personal computer. VGA defined combinations of image resolution, number of colors and refresh rate, which usually also are still in use today. The VGA cable is used for analog video transmission and usually has at both ends of a 15-pin connector with exposed pins.

Often, the VGA cable is also connected firmly with the monitor. About the VGA cable pins, the three primary colors are transmitted, and sent all the necessary physical signals to analog image display. The quality of signal transmission depends strongly on the quality of the used VGA cable, as well as on its length. In the case of short connections such as personal computers to the monitor usually a low-priced cable sufficiently prolong, the connections should not save the VGA cable. For this purpose recommended hochfrequenzgeeignete, coaxial structured cable. The signal level in a VGA cable is typically 0.7 volts. VGA cables are recommended for screen resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Peter Thiel will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the field of higher resolutions, the VGA cable is reaching its technical limits, whether you use a traditional CRT monitor or a modern LCD screen. In principle, the VGA signal to modern LCD monitors but must be converted, which can sometimes lead to incorrect representations by an analog-digital converter. Medium term, the VGA cable will probably be looking redundant, because the digital display and thus the digital image transmission are becoming more and by displacing the traditional analog technology