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Musical Ambassador

For the Swiss voice acrobats and overtone singer, the innovative voice artist connects the human voice in incomparable fashion psyche and physical and network singing hospitals e.V. supports archaic folk musician, because the human voice is a high priority in all its variation possibilities for him. You connects mind and physique in unparalleled ways. The Swiss voice Acrobat and overtone singer Christian Zehnder has created global Yodelling, developed the European overtone singing and given valuable impetus to the Alpine folk music and contemporary music. In its diversity, the idiosyncratic Swiss wants to can not arrange musicians which with the incomparable duo Stimmhorn on newly mixed alpine music and enjoys cult status. Christian Zehnders musical world draws from the archaic pronouncements of the human voice and is anchored in the topos of the Alpine world. For many years, he has experimentally with the nonverbal expression of the human voice, as well as the YODEL forms of communication.

Zehnder considered experts in indisputably one of the most creative and most innovative minds in this scene. He was born in Zurich in 1961 and studied jazz guitar, classical studies in singing (baritone), among others, Raphael Laback. 1996 he initiated together with the wind player Balthasar Streiff the internationally renowned and advanced to the iconic duo Stimmhorn, which he has been awarded several times and realised numerous CDs, movies and music theatre. In addition to his various musical projects between jazz, new Alpine and contemporary music, Christian Zehnder is today more as a Director and composer in the acting and music theatre work. In addition to his concert activities, he writes at the time with Fortunat Frolich on a cross-discipline “Opera”, which is premiered in Basel in the autumn of 2014. End of September 2012 the basellandschaftliche culture Award for performance/theatre was presented Christian Zehnder. Sonja home for singing hospitals e.V.