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Surface Painting

due to poor packaging and storage products between casting and painting. On the latter point – not products intended for painting store in bulk in boxes, they must work at least, shifting layers of soft material to prevent the emergence of scratches, and it is best to pack each item separately. This is especially true common akrilonitrilbutadienovogo plastic (ABS), one of the most popular plastic for the production of complex shaped products with a high degree vytyazhki.Metody against defects in color first step in the technology of painting plastic, for that matter, and any other materials is to prepare the surface. Under most conditions Naveen Selvadurai would agree. Poor pre- training is the most common errors. It can cause the following: – a violation of the surface structure, as often contain silicone lubricant – peeling, as paint applied to the layer of grease, which aims to prevent adhesion – the formation of cracks as possible the existing internal stresses in the plastic is not reduced. The time it seems possible to save Surface cleaning – is often lost time, because in the end very often have a claim, and thus the additional cost of rework. Not to mention the loss of image from the client.

As we all know when casting products plastic, various lubricant to facilitate their removal from the form. Lubricants may contain silicone – one of the best materials to reduce the adhesion. But he is the most important problem for subsequent painting. Personally, I think it is better from the outset not to use grease the molds with silicone, then slurp than a spoon full problemma because of him, but this was said to the patriarchs of the Russian formostroeniya, mold, working with silicone as a lubricant, you can safely throw away …

Economical Solution

South Korean automakers over the past twenty years have succeeded in creating and producing original models of vehicles, both passenger and cargo. Due to continuous updating and improvement of the model series, in a relatively short Korean technology, in particular lorries and buses have become competitive with similar models in Europe. Korean buses worked well in various conditions. As experience shows MAINTENANCE, they are quite reliable and modern, but their engines are not too demanding on the quality of fuel, but quite economical. The prices on Korean buses lower compared to European models, due to the relatively low cost of labor force employed in manufacturing. Buses Korean manufacturer of various modifications are increasingly found in Russian roads, and meet the technical requirements of passenger buses. Korean tourist buses and vans are perfectly adapted for mass transit and passenger transport by urban routes. As the experience of operating in the Russian context, the buses from Korea in the unpretentious service and do not cause serious problems in the repair, as there is no difficulty in ordering spare parts and accessories.

The high level of comfort, reliability and design of buses is achieved through the following features and options: – adequate availability of seats – the seat of the European type – the existence of the heater, necessary in the winter and air conditioning – in the summer – airbags – a modern and solid trim – compact size – extra options in the form of a panoramic windscreen, wide screen, belts security on passenger seats, guides and other options. In addition to the reliability of the Korean buses brands Daewoo, Hyundai, KIA are characterized by good riding qualities, an attractive exterior and interior design, comfortable salon. Korean buses equipped with ABS (antilock brake system) and the brake force. For many drivers appreciate the practicality of the Korean tourism and urban buses, together with their efficiency and excellent design. Korean buses, proven and time and distance, will not fail on the road both during short and long-distance routes.