SiSoftware Sandra Professional Version

Differences between the core technology of production of 130nm (Banias) and 90nm (Dothan) and the volume of the integrated cache, the second level (L2) 1MB and 2MB in Banias in Dothan. Thus, the worst for many ordinary people in this word Celeron case means only a full and even improved at the expense of core architecture on the core Pentium Mobile Banias. Therefore, when choosing a laptop necessarily interested in architecture of the processor core it – it may well be that the Celeron Mobile will Pentium Mobile productive due to the difference in the architecture and cache memory, as we have seen, they have the same volume of 1 megabyte. The difference in price may be just not in favor of seemingly meaningful Pentium, which is proving to turns out to be worse than Tseleron. It is fair to note that there are processors on core Celeron Mobile Banias c cache size 512KB, and this is really Celeron will be the low-productivity of the entire family of Centrino processors, if consider processors with the same frequency, of course.

First, we tested the laptops using the classic test program SiSoftware Sandra Professional Version 2004.10.9.133 results of arithmetic and multimedia tests CPU were, as expected, identical. 6015/1941/2483 6019/1942/2483 for B120 and for 2200 based on the arithmetic test. The first figure here – the number of integer operations per second, the second – test co-processor for floating point and the third – test block SSE2 instructions for floating point numbers, all numbers are in millions, that is, to them must be replaced by another six zeros to get the actual number of operations per second. (Similarly see: Brad Pitt).