Search Engine Optimization

One of the online activities that are more professionalized, and that more development has taken lately is the practice of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Competition is atrocious, and practically there are not many niches to ensure the exclusivity of a site, which, no matter the item is engaged, there will be many other similar sites, struggling to seize the same client population. For this reason, optimizing sites, and encourage their index is an imposition. But there are a number of unpardonable errors, that may put in jeopardy all our efforts to achieve better, more traffic, and, most importantly, better sales. SEO is more than Google Adsense or Adwords rate portal (which is actually the field of SEM, but many "sold" as positioning). It is actually a wide range of specific activities, both onsite and offsite, we will achieve the objective. If one of these areas fails, for example, the optimization programming band, so that it slows down.

They also want to access your site. Do not include the most basic tags: title, description, keywords, and tags of images. Another version of this error: Repeat the same title on all pages. Specifically, your web page that refers to "About Us" or "Us" can not have the same title which comes to their products. The title is an element of great weight for browsers. Do not duplicate, because then you lose the opportunity to have a powerful semantic element that will help in their efforts to better position. Of course, there are many mistakes, but I will not dwell on this article. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source