RT 4: Food For The Bergedorf Table

After the Tablers of the round table 4 took advantage of the pre-Christmas period to raise money for the Bergedorf Panel, it was now so far: the collected donations have been brought to their purpose. With support of the Ganga & co. Edeka market from the Hamburger Waizstrasse food at cost price could be obtained were distributed to 180 bags. With the friendly addition of 180 boxes of paving of tesa AG, goods worth a total of over EUR 3,000, to one of the output of the Bergedorf Panel could be distributed thus. The crowd was great and showed that help is urgently needed. So much joy and gratitude in the faces of the recipients for the effort compensated and confirmed in the matter, more so concerned the assessment of the helpers of the Hamburg Board that due to the great depression with an increasing number of needy people in 2009 is expected, which will take the help of the Hamburg Board claim. A clear sign that help will be ever more necessary in the future.

The Bergedorfer Panel gathers daily at approximately 70 suppliers a food and they distributed their still on the same day at one five dispensaries and social at 20 facilities, such as for example, kindergartens. The Bergedorfer Board receives no Government grants. All the staff are volunteers. All costs are funded by donations. For more information see. Sven Severin