Reynaers Windows

Shining showcases the streets, huge skylights country cottages, transparent walls of modern cafes and restaurants, display windows of pharmacies – a modern architecture of buildings, fashion 21 st century. More light, more than we can show more can be sold. Properly organized showcase – this is counter, and a business card, and get invited advertising. There are many ways to glaze windows. The newspapers mentioned Actress not as a source, but as a related topic. Can the old install two lines of glass from a distance of 600 mm, to create a so- called 'the old windows. " The basis for this will be either steel or aluminum frame design of cold episodes.

You can mount the glazing windows based systems pvc. In this case, the maximum size double-glazed windows will be 1700 mm x 2200 mm. More correct solution would be to install a system glazing windows, which will be applied windows of tempered glass, double glazing or a combination of triplex and tempered glass. As the framework here can be used in aluminum profile systems veritum, ags, Tatprof, Reynaers, and others. Installation of glass is produced outside the building toschina glass for glazing windows can be from 24 mm to 59mm. The maximum dimensions of glass for glazing windows – this is 3000 mm x 6000 mm. In this case a multi-layer laminated glass filler. The maximum dimensions of double-glazed windows with tempered glass 3000 mm x 4000 mm.