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Submit it to some experts, who will give advice, recommendations and respond to problematic issues. These experts can be as specific employee in your company and the collective image, a "master of Uncle Bob." By the way, the appearance of portions New tips or questions, you can designate as a regular news in "News" section. Oh, and do not forget what real visitors to the company and its problems and issues may become an endless source of information for such a "master Uncle Vasya" – just do not be lazy, write down time and the questions and answers! As a variant of this method – to make the site section "Frequently Asked Questions" – it is called the faq published in this section faq customers (site visitors) questions and answers. The presence of such a section is useful by the fact that reduces the burden on the company's employees – some people before they call, time to read site this section and get rid of their "stupid" questions. Although, in my opinion, the main purpose of this section – so to answer frequent questions to the site visitor wants to call, make an order or personal contact Your company. 10) add comments on your company from your partner and zakachikov. These responses can be placed on the text of the proposal of services and products your company, and can be identified in a separate section of the site.

More trust is personalized feedback, which is written by the real head of the company partner (customer). Will also be useful to place the contact details of the partner company (website address, email, etc.). This shows that the visitor can, if desired to verify the above words. 11) place your site on Reliable Hosting. Remember that a visitor might at first came to your site.

And it is very desirable that at the moment site work. Otherwise it may happen that a person will never come to your site and turn to your company. At the same time, if people began to regularly visit your site (for example, to read the article news, see the product catalog) and a site that always works, trust your site grows each time. 12) extra clean spyware. Your site is for informational support your core business which is the main source of income – so why on the site to post some other banners or promotional calls, even on a fee basis? In the same sense, better to abandon the free hosting service. Hosting a free, but my ad in your website hosting will be the owners of this insert without your demand, and knowledge. That such recommendations. These can be added and what experts recommend for information architecture, web design, usability and programming. But let these will be engaged in relevant professionals – if they are really such, it will do everything at the right level. You, as business leaders, is important to choose and stick the concept of your site – how to create and run after its commissioning. Here then, and will help your unique knowledge and our brief recommendations.