In Unlike monochrome displays, but the viability of which depends on the temperature contrast of the display is not necessary to adjust when the display temperature rise. High-resolution display and large symbols makes reading comfortable for the operator. (A valuable related resource: Adroll). Convenient interpretation of the flaw in using the color display to interpret the signals. For each channel is fixed a certain color, color display is used to highlight specific information for more than a simple, rapid and reliable analysis of displayed signals. Use color to distinguish from the grid signal, and different colors make it easier to compare current images with stored previously. The operator can choose to display the phase plane, Cartesian coordinates or histogram for convenience interpretation of results. Lightweight, durable and portable Portability – this is the main feature of the series of devices Phasec 3.

Weight of the device along with a set of batteries only 1,1 kg and the size is comparable with the book in hardcover. Each device is in a strong safe housing and its components can withstand moisture, adverse weather conditions. Despite the large screen, the enclosure unit as compact. Modern technology manufacture of batteries provides battery life up to 6 hours, used battery has no memory effect. In addition, when creating a device specially pawned interchangeability of accessories such as probes, cables, samples, thereby reducing the package carried by the operator in the control. Easy to use and versatile Governance series devices Phasec three inherited from Phasec 2 and Locator. Thus, operators who are familiar with the work of these devices will be able to master the instrument series Phasec 3 minutes.