Polyurethane Flooring

In any room floor playing the role of a base, the element from which directly affects the quality of operation of the warehouse, production workshop, garage, etc. That is why the arrangement of sexes are usually imposed increased demands – it is important that special floor covering characterized by strength, it was reliable and durable, but also had characteristics that best suit the specific purpose of the room. Among leaders in the regeneration of floors in manufacturing and industrial facilities are currently leveling floors – using them, the easiest way to ensure compliance with any and all claims, acting in this case. So, if the main one is strength, then one of the best options can be highly filled floors. This coating resists virtually any mechanical stress. Including he was not afraid of huge shock, prolonged exposure to vibration, scratches, chips, abrasion, wear and tear – for many years, it retains the look and performance of the initial level. It is worth noting that the highly filled liquid floors and have a number of other advantages.

Among them are water resistance, ability to withstand the effects of aggressive chemicals, increased fire safety, and as the absolute safety of operation. The surface of the cover subject stacking technology is perfectly flat and at the same time slip. In this case, it can mimic the texture and pattern natural stone, as well as any other pattern. With its high aesthetic properties, highly filled liquid floors are ideal in the regeneration of flooring in those areas where particular important are not only functional component, but also design. The closest analogue of such a coating are polyurethane floor fillers.

They are also characterized by high wear resistance, strength, ability to withstand enormous loads and resist virtually any mechanical stress. Moreover, in comparison with highly filled tankers coatings, polyurethane flooring have less weight that allows you to use them, including at sites where established rather stringent requirements for loads on supporting structures and floors. Another advantage of polyurethane floor in front of of highly flooring is a more affordable price. At the same time, the polyurethane flooring lose a comparison with highly filled tankers sexes in terms of aesthetic qualities. Their surface is also a perfectly smooth, but it can be toned in only one color. Thus, such a coating may be either uniform, or have a large picture or markings. However, where the functionality comes to the forefront, it becomes a significant disadvantage.