Poetical Energy

One of the biggest poets of the Portuguese language is known as Miguel Torga, pseudonym of Adolph Correa of the Rock. It writes poetries that they exceed, in my opinion, the poetry in itself. They are lyric, strong, objective poetries, that they are demonstrations of the intrinsic value of the necessity of the poet: not only ' cantar' , but, and mainly, to exortar its fellow creatures to live with all the intensity, the miracle that is the life. The power of the word, the force that can it infundir in the soul that looks its ways. The darknesses that can become vivifying light that to all the ways alumia.

For it, Torga, the poetry is not, therefore, only one personal declaration of feelings (what, by itself he can be deeply beautiful) The poetry of Torga, transmits us much more: the call to the Being, so that it exerts basic and all conscientiously its real potentialities. It writes Torga: ' ' It sings, poet, it sings! Violent conformed silence. Blind person with another light the light of the day. She disquiets the sossegado world. She teaches to each soul its rebeldia.' ' That is: The poet sings (the poet is poetry); the violent poet silence, therefore is by its very nature, a being unresolved matter; the blind poet with another one luz' (the clear words, verses) the light of the day; the poet disquiets mundo' sossegado' (the world that with the reality if conforms, being able, also to be mentally ill; the poet teaches to each soul its revolt (he shows to the possibilities/latent probabilities in each soul, so that he fights, in the direction to reach what he longs for, what needs basically to become fullfilled itself as creature) ' ' cantar' ' of Miguel Torga, he is same to sing of the restless souls, ' presas' , hindered, but that still they dream in finding the forces inside all necessary ones of itself for at last, to be become free of the fetters which are felt imprisoned. The freedom of the soul for sung it is not utopian, but dream exactly of freedom that will be able to be changedded into palpitante reality. Friends, let us sing all and let us join our souls so that let us can come to be the constructors of a world better! NOTE: Inhaled in Torga, I not only wrote ' ' My Cantares' ' , as ' ' To awake of the Ser' ' , enrolled in ' ' Talentos' ' , but not classified. The readers will be able to catch the vigorous message that sending for all how many to read them and they will have sensitivity to absorb, in its souls, so strong and incentivadoras messages. Favours I relieve God and Miguel Torga! Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque