Magnavox Company

The first video-game of the humanity was conceived by the Magnavox Company, who was baptized of Odssey. It was launched in 1972 and the first game to be twirled in it was the Ping-pong. Soon later that this videogame was announced, the console that appeared with the rebulio greater and made with that to many they acquired it people was the console of the ATARI, one of the main companies of video-game of that time, that gained fans of some countries, giving origin the diverse games that had been personalized and developed with passing of the years. Nowadays, the videogames that are more popular are the PS3 of Sony and the XBOX of Microsoft, two company that are inserting realism and interatividade in the games, over all in the shot games, aiming at the amusement of all the players. All the games produced for such video-games, had been produced based in the street tricks and games of tray, the only difference is that they had started to be well more interesting to adoradores of technology. The games of Computer are known today had to the facilitated access its games, being behind only of new consoles.

The games for computer are found with easiness in websites of the branch in net. They almost present the same characteristics that the games for video-games, presenting as distinguishing the rapidity and the option to exchange resolutions and other properties that are offered as options for the player. The users who dispoem of PC and tan to play, most of the time do not buy its games, them in this way make download of it in some place of the Internet, having thousand of games of favour in the computer. Some games do not need to be bought a time that are played directly by net. As the games of sort MMO most of the time they are digital. The fact to possess all the games that can make download, does not want to say that it is the thing most advantageous. In many occasions lowered games they are pitaras, or they possess a quality visibly worse that the original game. At the moment where the game is created especially aiming at the personal computer and is disponibilizado gratuitously by the company created who it, to lower it is an excellent option for questions of quality and security.

Already when the games are bought and disponibilizados in the Internet with applicatory they unblock that them, allowing that it can be gotten by any not paying user, the possibility of if getting support and updates of the game are inexistent, therefore the not gratuitous games possess a license key, that is requested for the program when game is opened. In some cases, downloads of games in the Internet is substituted by other badly-intentioned archives, that can injure s.o., bringing serious problems to the personal computer. However, it has some not paid games in the Internet that do not cause problem some for who low. Knowing in which sites to make download, the amusement is guaranteed. Technological games excellent, relaxed and are livened up, but they can provoke damages the health at the moment where played for much time without interval, as for example syndromes of the vision and discomforts in the column. Soon, without counting on the electronic games, it is always good for having fun itself with the old games, they provoke little damages to the health, are much more interactive, beyond making possible new friendships.


Possibilities of text and writing in the Internet In contrast of what some think the Internet can be a multiplier of options in the act of the writing. If in the past what if it could make age to use the pencil or the penxs to write, today it exists the multiple possibility of sources, colors and sizes, also being able to add drawings, animaes, gifs and videos. It is the possibility to develop its text, becoming it more attractive the reader so that this if feels impelled to read, and thus to participate. Blogs is an uneven tool in this process, for being accessible to all for the gratuitousness if exclusively its becomes easy to create a space, however, with total opening for the interatividade. Thus its universe will be extended due to amount of changed information, suggestions and opinions that will serve for the improvement of the blogueiro. The electronic writing happens in the exchange of e-mails, in the messages in the Messen-ger, to twitter, Orkut, Book Face in blogs Beyond that it is spread the speed of the light, information that they would take weeks to reach people, arrive until them in fractions of second.

Essential that let us learn to usufruct of these tools. We must use to advantage the allure that the pupils feel for the technology and to show to them that he is possible to learn using what they in such a way like: the technology. Girls use blogs as daily electronic, owners of house as prescription books, boys to comment on the preferred sport. The utility of this way already is something so natural and necessary as to take the cellular one for where it will be. its use generally is not for whim, but for necessity. The people are having the necessity of if expressing each time more nes you time where everything happens very fast.


Moreover, many times, only the energy is not enough for the transformation of the residue, being necessary the raw material use to modify them physically or chemically. These news residues, nor always are so or simpler than those that had been recycled, they are possible that they become still more aggressive the man and the environment of what the residue that is being recycled. Depending on its danger and complexity, these rejeitos can cause new problems, as the impossibility of being recycled, the lack of technology for its treatment, the lack of places for storage and all the cost that this would cause. We need to consider that the residues generated for the recycled materials in the end of its useful life have the possibility to be again recycled – thus closing the cycle. A parameter that generally is rejected in the evaluation of recycled products is the risk to the health of the users of the new material, and the proper workers of the recicladora industry, due to leaching of soluble fractions or even though for the evaporation of volatile fractions. The residues many times are constituted by dangerous elements as metals heavy (Compact disc, Pb) volatile organic composites. These when exactly inert materials in the materials after the recycling, can present risks, therefore nor always the recycling processes guarantee the immobilization of these components.

Of this form, she is necessary that the choice of the recycling of a residue is multicriteria and ponders all the possible alternatives with regard to the energy consumption and raw material for the chosen process of recycling. 3. CONCLUSION When developing this work, we start to understand that the recycling also has a basic paper in the reaproveitamento of the solid residues and in the preservation of the environment, giving social service to all society. To reach the sustainable development using residues of the civil construction it is basic the recycling and the P&amp methodology; D, being effective for the market of the solid residues. .

How To Work In The Heat ?

Heat, cold as – prevents work. And still do not know what's worse – when your fingers freeze to the keyboard or the brain in his head "boils" in the sun. How to deal with the heat and maintain productivity during the summer? Sharing their experiences and will be glad to comments from readers. It is much easier to transfer the heat, if a lot of drinking. But not everything but only a select few drinks – hot tea with lemon or milk, a cool brew or soda flavored tonic. Iced tea is not quenches your thirst as well as cold.

A popular drinks, on the contrary, evoke a sense of thirst (excluding tonic – bitter taste of it somehow acts refreshingly). You can squeeze fresh juice – they are more useful than recovery, and do not contain various chemical additives. Simply make the juice from citrus fruits – is not necessary, as in the case of apples, bother to clean the skin and remove pith. Just eat an apple or an orange to me is not enough – thirst remains is the same as before the fruit. It is better to drink juice sour than sweet. Ice cream – not the best "air freshener" in the heat. Somehow, after ice cream, on the contrary, I want to drink and reduced productivity, until you drink one or two a cup of tea. By the way, in hot weather is not recommended to drink alcohol – first, they expand the blood vessels, causing a strain on the heart.

White Roses

In contrast, red roses, White Roses confirm pure love, constant, and a stronger than death. A bouquet of white roses are traditionally portrayed the wedding. Pink roses – a sign of elegance and sophistication. Roses of various shades of pink are often used for complex, eloquent epistles. For example, roses with deep pink or cerise tone signify gratitude and appreciation, while the delicate pink roses symbolize sympathy. Pink is joy, pride and gratitude. Pink roses – gentle reminder of affection, not yet awakened relations.

Roses in a bouquet of yellow means caring. Yellow tone means the freedom and energy. Yellow roses are often presented with a Greeting purposes. Often they are portrayed to celebrate success and express pride in someone else's achievements. Yellow roses are able to reconcile and forget the quarrel. In the language of flowers is: 'Let's leave everything behind and start a new page. " Lily. A symbol of tenderness, fidelity, and a cloudless happiness.

Magical fragrance of these flowers brighten the mood and gives a sense of celebration. Bouquet or arrangement of lilies – the perfect gift for gentle, romantic girl. Lily – One of the undisputed favorite flower in the world. This flower has an unmistakable delicate aroma, which since ancient times identified with the aroma of tenderness and love. Chamomile. It is believed that where the falling star, blooming chamomile. And its name is derived from the Latin word romana, which translates as "Roman." Daisies – nice and simple colors, warm and family. Colours of these colors – yellow-white, yellow-green, these colors represent cheerfulness and happiness.