The Judge Maintains The Seal Of The Madrid Arena After Rebuild With Witnesses The Tragedy / agencies / VIDEO: ATLAS Pavilion will be the headquarters of the world’s handball which begins on January 11. The judge has required the scientific police who make a simulation by computer to establish the number of people that fit into the Pavilion. Courts have handed down a warrant of eviction against the enterprise FSM Group, the society of Miguel Angel Flores, who exploited Macumba. The police estimated that 23,000 people were in the Madrid Arena. Who’s who in the case Chronology of the investigation. Eduardo Lopez Palop, the judge who is investigating the tragedy of the Madrid Arena, which killed four young men because of an avalanche during a party, has decided to keep the seal of the same after making an on-site inspection of the Pavilion headquarters of the world’s handball that will begin on January 11 at the prospect that new investigations Tuesday.

This inspection, which began about ten in the morning, attended by representatives of the public prosecutor, the police Scientific and Brigade of killings of the head top of police, as well as two national policemen and municipal agent of Madrid who attended the party being out of service. Lopez Palop wandered by installations questioned witnesses about how the events occurred. The judge focused on the entrances to the enclosure, the central track and the access corridor to the same where the deaths occurred. This area, located on the zero level of the building (two below ground level, is only three meters wide, but it is packed who attended the service, which came out of the track and those who wanted to access it to see the start of the performance of DJ star of the night, Steve Aoki.) Judge computer simulation has also required scientific police who make a simulation by computer to establish the number of people that fit in the Madrid Arena Pavilion and than there really were.

Delivery Bikes

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Laptop Repair

Laptops today have a large number of our fellow citizens. And this is obvious, because the laptop – this is the optimum multidirectional device, which is suitable for the working day, and for relaxation. On my laptop it is possible and view movies or play computer games, and carry out complex tasks. However, the notebook, like any other apparatus required for the proper level of service and timely repair and courtship. In addition, due to small size notebook repairs should be done directly with the excellent professional knowledge. In addition, while need a good laptop repair hp, then of course there is the possibility of contact corporation, which already provides for a long time not only services on an upgrade of personal computers, but also provides a guarantee for the types of work performed. Furthermore, it should pick up organization that offered quality service for computers are not very large funds.

Indeed, at times, met with want repairs, users hear the amounts that allow podsobrav slightly, to buy brand-new personal computer. And, of course, is not necessarily such monetary claims are of serious study. Indeed, in practice, computer maintenance repair – this is certainly the case non-standard, but it is common, in order to keep the values of prices within reasonable limits. For the sake of exploiting the personal computer was a pleasure, and even necessary repairs are not made painful to think about where seek professional best to find a company which would have the opportunity to help not only in the event of complications with the computer, but also with other problems with the available in the office or home specialized equipment. By the way, with printers. All just can not understand how to get comfortable in your office or home printer quality. At any moment it is easy to print a message or a picture or look for other probability realize it. And yet, there is also this kind of dilemma as the filling of cartridges Moscow.

If you are using is not the most popular brands is often a difficult season with the existing cartridge for your printer, and vendors, who purchase new. The point here is, of course, money is a plane. For sales professionals to lose a few more sensible cartridges, but for the owners of this laser printers proctor, and completely useless expense. And without spending a possibility to manage. And for such a result very little need: just find a company that would have minimal periods of time and quality could allow the most recurring problems with laptop and replace the cartridge. Once having found such an organization, the difficulties of a technical snap really do not worry.

The Presence

In addition, an antivirus is a tool for the user and not only won’t be effective for 100% of the cases, they will never be a total or definitive protection. The function of an anti-virus program is to detect, somehow, the presence or the actions of a computer virus in one computer. This is the most important aspect of an antivirus, regardless of additional benefits that can offer, since the fact of the possible presence of a computer virus, stop work and take the necessary measures, is sufficient to define a good percentage of the possible damage. In addition, an antivirus can give the option of eradicating a computer virus from an infected entity. Most primary functions of an antivirus program model is the detection of their presence and, as far as possible, their identification. The first technique that became popular for the detection of computer viruses, and which still continues to be used (though increasingly less efficiently), is the technique of scanning. This technique consists in reviewing the code of all the files contained in the storage unit – mainly executable files – in search of small portions of code that might belong to a computer virus. This procedure, called scanning, is performed from a database that It contains pieces of code representing each known virus, adding the use of certain algorithms that speed up the processes of search.

The technique of scanning was quite effective in the early days of computer viruses, when there were few and their production was small. This relatively small volume of computer viruses allowed the developers of anti-virus scanners had time to analyze the virus, remove the small piece of code that was going to identify and add it to the database of the program to launch a new version. However, the obsolescence of this mechanism of identification as a complete antivirus solution was found in its same model.

Radio Engineering

Have you ever thought about what would happen if cell phones, refrigerators, washing machines and other miracles of engineering, would never have existed? No? And do not hesitate, because the former can not be undone. Better Think about what will happen when it all suddenly breaks down. The solution to this, no doubt, bad casus only one thing – go and select another. After talking with the director of one of the stores, retailers in Radio Engineering and Electronics, I would like to tell you about a couple of nuances associated with the acquisition of data – and not only – the wonders of technology. First, make sure that the product meets all your requirements – including its color, form, representations of functions and so on – because the return is for these reasons it you can not.

Any seller simply will point a finger at a government decree number 55, in which black and white says that cell phones and other sophisticated equipment can not be exchanged or returned for reasons not related to poor quality of the seller or manufacturer. And you'll have to tolerate for long hated cell phone, or, say, refrigerator at home. Second, specify the seller and it is desirable to lock in writing – if it is not specified in the datasheet – the time of delivery and service life of the goods that you purchase. Although, even if specified will not be, you are entitled to maintenance and repair of the purchased goods within two years from the date of purchase. And be sure to check in the shop, that thing you want privoloch to his home work. If the advance paid for the goods were not delivered within the specified period, ask the store a penalty of half a percent of the cost of goods for each day of delay.

Third, if you have found disadvantage to which you have no relationship to an already purchased this product, you may need to replace it with a similar, or refund your money or, in extreme "fire", to repair the aforesaid. If you have not kept a check and the seller is for this reason refused to exchange a purchase, you should know: he is simply afraid to take off from work. Do not scare him, and gently explain that you verify the authenticity of your words is possible in other ways. After that, during twenty days from the date of application, you will get repaired or, if you insist, the new product. For a period of replacement demand, and better yet ask the replacement item for temporary use. Provide it in three days. Agree, if the home refrigerator broke down, well now, eating on the street store? If the repaired item you are not given in time, the store will pay a penalty component of one percent of product price. When sent to repair the thing weighs less than five pounds, you have to take her there and back myself. In other cases, the store will help you. Fourth, the "bending fingers" to the seller in a store, do not forget refer to the Law on Consumer Rights "and, perhaps, you are not kicked out of him. To avoid all sorts of troubles with the product that you want to buy or already bought, so we must act: Seven times measure – one cut. Better Think in advance what you need, check and arrange everything with the seller on the spot. And then, these tips will never come in handy. I sincerely wish you that.

Portuguese Rights

He fits here to make a repentance act inasmuch as, also the Portuguese have some sins in substance of Human Rights. In the colonialista past the behavior of many of the deported colonizadores and could not have completely been transparent. In the gift, they hear, still, some commentaries, on events that, to be true, in nothing dignify: domestic violence, exploration of immigrants, some abuses committed for one or another agent of the authority, according to denunciations of the agencies of the social communication and the proper victims. It is certain that the measures that come being adoptees, how much to the spreading and sensitization, for the respect of the Human Rights, since the banks of the school, give the guarantee who will be in the good way, as relate PEAR TREE, (1978: 27): ‘ ‘ The international recognition of the great progressos carried through for Portugal, in the field of the Human Rights, contributing decisively for the spectacular improvement of our external image, it is in the origin of some significant attitudes of the international community in relation to our country, between which: financial easinesses, election of Portugal for the advice of the Europe, the Commission of the Rights of the Man in the ONU and for the advice of Segurana.’ ‘ It was understood, therefore, opportune, to continue itself in this walked for bigger spreading, exemplificao and defense of the Human Rights, in the certainty of that, in the modern times, between a imparvel cientificismo, one technique in permanent mutation and a technology of the overwhelming information-computation, occupying each time more technocrats, would remain for the philosophers this noble mission of century XXI. In this perspective, the subject from an author will be approached contemporary, on the basis of one of its workmanships that more will agree to the subject.

Brean Murray Development

After the crisis of 1929, a new model of economic growth began to emerge slowly, but in Corporation a way significantly different from other countries in the region.

On the one hand, the export sectors of cereals and livestock products, especially the large landowners and railway companies Brean Murray investment bank and British fridges, they tried to recreate the model exporter. The Roca-Runciman Pact of 1933 between Argentina Co-Chair of Asset Management Group LLC and United Kingdom had this goal.
Furthermore, in a parallel began to develop during the period 1930-1943 a process of import-substitution industrialization, with focus on corporations with strong military influence (YPF, Military Industries, Altos Hornos Zapla) and certain subsidiaries of large U.S. companies and especially a large number of small factories and medium domestic capital, especially in the textile sector.

Industrial exports as a percentage of GDP 1939-1943.
The result was that the agro-export sector remained without making substantive changes (particularly in Argentina is not a comprehensive reform aimed at creating an agrarian capitalist ownership of land) and superimposed a new model of domestic market-oriented industrialization . Both sectors were Brean Murray & Co. so autonomous dynamics, different rules and principles, often in open collision. The agro-export sector is development oriented to international trade, on the pattern of classical liberal economics, with a predominant presence of large estates and a very low use of technology and labor (less than 10 of national total), which in turn subject to paternalistic relations. The industrial sector began to develop Brain Trauma Foundation market-oriented, with a predominant presence of the State, on the pattern of the new Keynesian economics that erupted in the United States with New Deal, and a high demand for wage labor subject to collective labor relations between labor and capital. Large tensions and conflicts that inevitably had to come from the coexistence of two unrelated and even incompatible, tended to develop a strong state comptroller.
Although the government had no policy of intervention with growth led by exports, this new form if you had direct involvement. Barton Place is a leading condominium development real estate projects. In an effort to limit the country’s dependence on international markets, induced by government actions such asset management as nationalization of the domestic industry was aimed to encourage an internal development autonomo.

While it is true that Argentina was able to grow with this model of two economic sectors are poorly integrated, the Holdings dynamics of economic development was not sufficient for the country to become a developed nation, somehow repeating what had happened in the agro-export model of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with which Argentina experienced some type of industrialization but became a country “industrialized.”
Neoliberal economic policies adopted since 1970 by military governments, followed by civilian governments, led to a progressive concentration of wealth and the population led to the loss of life that had reached the mid-twentieth century with an increase exponential of the external debt, which rose from 7.875 million dollars at the end Mr. A new condominium community BartonPlace was developed with energy-efficient materials. of 1975 to 45.087 million dollars in 1983. The ratio percentage investing experience of external debt on GDP, is among the highest in LatinAmerica where countries that make up saddled with large external debts. This means a serious obstacle investment banking to development policies.
During the 1980s, regarded as the lost decade for Latin America, the charges grew magras Argentina However in 1983, while a significant and acceptable that the unemployment rate just JP Morgan & Co. 4 percent brink of the economically active population, less than 10 percent of the company was under the poverty line who have.
The high inflation that characterized the Argentine economy since World War II made to the processes hyperinflationary explosion of 1989 and 1990, during which poverty rose to a new level of 47.3 of the population of Great agglomerated Buenos Aires.

Building Oriented

Oriented particle board (OSB / OSB) are high-tech material used in Wood Frame Construction, in the manufacture of furniture and different packaging. Manufacture of osb / osb panels is done by gluing large size (3-8 cm), thin chips, and upper and lower layers of the grain direction, longitudinal, and in the middle layer – cross the length of the slab. Because of the low value for the same as Oriented particle board gradually replacing plywood in many traditional areas of application. osb / osb plate is tightly pressed three-layer wood board from the large-oriented chips conifers. Appearance Oriented chipboard osb / osb clearly explains its name. Plate can be easily distinguished by an elongated chips. Oriented strand board is made up of three layers. In the outer (upper and lower) layers chips located longitudinally and transversely in the inner layer.

Each layer is glued with waterproof resins and compressed under high pressure and temperature. As a result of this technological features of plate osb / osb acquire water resistance, elasticity and resistance to extension and construction loads. Chipboard aligned structure osb / osb manufactured by hot pressing of wood chips, mixed with a binder material. Plate osb / osb manufactured only from the particle size of 75-150 mm long, 10-25 mm in width and 0,5-0,75 mm in thickness. This ensures the homogeneity of the structure of the slab. Further, the resulting chips are dried and impregnated with a waterproof resins with the addition of a synthetic wax.

The use of wax provides high quality products. Then the chips are placed pipelined manner in two directions, creating a so-called carpet. In the outer layers of the plate chips will be oriented along the length, but in the domestic – across. After that, the carpet is pressed on the multi-tiered media at high temperatures and pressures. In conclusion, the board osb / osb cut into standard formats and grind. Technology of production boards osb / osb is constantly being improved. As binders are widely used phenol, urea-formaldehyde resin E1 class, and esters of isocyanate, which used to improve the stability properties of the slabs and improve environmental safety, the estimated emission of free formaldehyde in the environment. osb (Oriented Strand Board) – Oriented strand board ranked as number the most promising universal building material for millennia because of the whole complex of consumer benefits of this product compared to traditional wood products, provided application of new advanced technology wood modification.

Program Moleskinsoft Clone Remover

What kind of trash talking about? The point of the same files that we could not help gradually contaminate your hard drive. Suppose that these files are not even significant, but the total number of small files over time develops into a fairly significant amount of memory. Then what about large files? After some time, will become a tangible lack of memory space on your hard drive. Program 'Moleskinsoft Clone Remover' – it's quite to clean the hard disk of debris software. The program not only searches for duplicate files on your hard drive, but also offers a wide range of options for processing found dubbing. I will list only the main features of the new version of Moleskinsoft Clone Remover v.2.5.2: 1.

The program is able to find duplicate files within zip files. 2. Software can detect duplicate content files that differ only name. 3. Certainly has the ability to find identical files by name. At this function, and work began on the first version of the program.

4. Program Moleskinsoft Clone Remover v.2.5.2 able to find identical files mp3; 5. The program is able to trace similar images by name and the size of footprint on the similarity of images with differences in the size of the image. 6. The program offers a wide range of options for processing the detected duplicate files.

Expensive Cat

It has been necessary that Ferrari is portrayed of crystalline form so that it recognizes that it must insist more on the operations of change of tires, a maneuver that last Sunday, in the Great Prize of Germany, cost the fourth place to him to Felipe Massa, advanced by Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) in the factories. Both they entered them in the last return, the Brazilian ahead, but the mechanics of the German took a second and average less than theirs because, according to they confessed these later, the gear between the pistol and the nut that determines the wheel did not work properly. " In Silverstone we released a nut specification, a piece that had given many problems us. There we were of fastest, but in Nrburgring he returned to us to fail. It is necessary to work in ello" , he recognizes Diego Ioverno, head of operations in track of Ferrari. By precise which outside this misfortune, the margin in favor of Red Bull is unusually ample in this aspect, and not only in relation to those of Maranello. Source of the news: : The cat more expensive