You Pay Too Much Attention To Their Pets

Recent studies have shown that some owners of cats are lifted more early or they stop what they are doing to meet the needs of your cat, showing the evolution of the domestication and like cats they have learned how to persuade humans for food and shelter. Over the years, cats have improved their behavior so that human beings could not stop doing them case, and many cats have learned how to vocalize what they want with an urgent cry followed by a soft purr. While some cats have different cries, others may use gestures with their legs to get attention. The Meow becomes manipulation when an owner Petting your pet whenever he hears one. Cats soon have got accustomed to the idea always get their way. However, the vocalization by cats is not always a cry for something. In fact, some cats as the Siamese are vowels and Meow very much, without having the need of something. However, owners adore their feline friends, regardless of their extreme independence and evil casual behavior that most people would never tolerate their children or guests at home! Cats are also notorious for only receiving affection and attention in their own terms.

However, the relationship between a human and a cat is giving and receiving human beings dan and cats receive. The difference with the dogs dogs, on the other hand, always expected to be obedient and loyal, so when a dog handled his owner, it will be probably overlooked. Studies have shown that some breeds of dogs are more intelligent than others, such as the collie’s frontera, German Shepherd and Retriever, to just name a few. A perfect example is a dog that acts during social gatherings, because the owners can not spend enough time with your dog. Later, may find that Fido urinated in bed, in the closet, or the favorite shoes.

Polyurethane Flooring

In any room floor playing the role of a base, the element from which directly affects the quality of operation of the warehouse, production workshop, garage, etc. That is why the arrangement of sexes are usually imposed increased demands – it is important that special floor covering characterized by strength, it was reliable and durable, but also had characteristics that best suit the specific purpose of the room. Among leaders in the regeneration of floors in manufacturing and industrial facilities are currently leveling floors – using them, the easiest way to ensure compliance with any and all claims, acting in this case. So, if the main one is strength, then one of the best options can be highly filled floors. This coating resists virtually any mechanical stress. Including he was not afraid of huge shock, prolonged exposure to vibration, scratches, chips, abrasion, wear and tear – for many years, it retains the look and performance of the initial level. It is worth noting that the highly filled liquid floors and have a number of other advantages.

Among them are water resistance, ability to withstand the effects of aggressive chemicals, increased fire safety, and as the absolute safety of operation. The surface of the cover subject stacking technology is perfectly flat and at the same time slip. In this case, it can mimic the texture and pattern natural stone, as well as any other pattern. With its high aesthetic properties, highly filled liquid floors are ideal in the regeneration of flooring in those areas where particular important are not only functional component, but also design. The closest analogue of such a coating are polyurethane floor fillers.

They are also characterized by high wear resistance, strength, ability to withstand enormous loads and resist virtually any mechanical stress. Moreover, in comparison with highly filled tankers coatings, polyurethane flooring have less weight that allows you to use them, including at sites where established rather stringent requirements for loads on supporting structures and floors. Another advantage of polyurethane floor in front of of highly flooring is a more affordable price. At the same time, the polyurethane flooring lose a comparison with highly filled tankers sexes in terms of aesthetic qualities. Their surface is also a perfectly smooth, but it can be toned in only one color. Thus, such a coating may be either uniform, or have a large picture or markings. However, where the functionality comes to the forefront, it becomes a significant disadvantage.

Pedagogical Material

PRODUCTION OF PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL FROM the USE OF the TIC Karina Amorim Pear tree UAB? Federal university of Juiz De Fora Very if comes arguing regarding the use of the TIC as didactic resource and as all the proportionate innovation for the technology is to our redor in almost all the actions of our day the day. Also if it has spoken very on the importance of the change in the methodologies of education, so that the TIC are inserted as didactic tool in the teach-learning process, and the obstacles so that this insertion happens of form accomplishes and functionary, mainly in the public schools, where the lack of human resources and technological is great. To the professionals of the education they lack incentives so that the professors search courses of specialization and perfectioning to deal with the new technologies. With new practical cultural the proportionate ones for the mobility offered for innumerable electronic devices, the professor who not to search to adapt it these tools will be obsolete, and will be depriving its pupils to participate actively of its proper process of construction of the knowledge, through practical autonomous worker of study and search of information. If on the other hand it is responsibility of the State to provide the public schools with technological resources capable to promote one Real and effective digital inclusion, with resources, technological tools and Internet broad band capable to reach all the pupils of a pertaining to school institution, is paper of the educator to face the reality where he is inserted and to use to advantage the minimum didactic resources that have to the disposal to transform the traditional lessons into meeting of exchange of knowledge. It is also paper of the professor to work so that the technology is its favor in this construction of the knowledge, being produced new materials that allow the pupil to create new concepts and to express themselves in different way to that the traditional school is accustomed. If it does not have to think, however, that practical and use of traditional resources must be left of side for the news technologies, but must have an adequacy to the reality of the pupils, its interests and the knowledge that if wants to acquire with the use of the TIC. The pupil can express itself in diverse ways with the aid of the technology, as for example, through videos that illustrate the boarded contents in classroom, what it stimulates the autonomy and the search for new knowledge on the part of the pupil and the professor, who must also be always intent to the new features that can be used in benefit of the ethical formation of citizen, scholars, capable to interact with the society where they are inserted of competitive form, a time that they had been prepared to deal with the joined tools in the current market of work..

Company Apple Struck First

Apple no doubt be called a phenomenon of the computer world. Another ten years, the company was on the verge of extinction, but now it's trendsetter, all the gadgets which, immediately after the right to become a bestseller. All began with the player iPod, part of the models which have already gone through the fifth reincarnation. The transition was often gradually to keep the old traditions and revolutionary radically changing the functionality and appearance. As an example can compare the sixth and fifth generation iPod nano, because they do not resemble each other superficially and functionally, the new even was seriously curtailed, the camera appears to have disappeared.

But they continue to take, to be considered very fashionable without looking with the changes. iPhone, it is generally a song, Apple broke and turned the smartphone market, making it quite different, which plays by their rules. Since the first model, in the market is always surrounded by hype, where people are willing to stand in queues for hours and pay through the nose, several times higher than the cost in stores. And no matter what then float some defects or punctures, as you loss problem network iPhone 4, users continue to sweep to the shelves. The most recent latest innovation from Apple, became the iPad, here they have managed to create a new niche of portable computers.

During the first months of the demand was so great that a plant at full capacity it could not satisfy. The number of sold iPad, exceeded several millions. But like anything special is done, put together well-known things, a large touch screen, wireless interfaces, portability, and removed the keyboard mouse. Already other companies are trying to create competition, but their share is only ten percent of the sales of Apple. It looks like Apple is not going to stop getting more of their loyal fans, and not letting the rest competitors.


Computational method of selection of thickness and stiffness strain Dekel not difficult, if printer has a passport dekelnye materials with a full set of indicators of deformation properties, and takes much less time, because can be made in advance and outside the car. The blame for lack of demand for indicators of deformation properties of materials during the selection Dekel lies mainly in enough high tech culture specialist print shops, although a considerable contribution to this make and incorrect translations of technical documentation for printing machines from foreign languages that run extremely illiterate and are not edited by experts. For the third group of indicators properties of offset rubber plates are indicators that characterize the behavior of their rubber kraskoperedayuschego layer. The thickness of this layer varies from 0,3 to 0,5 mm in the printing process. These properties significantly affect the quality of the print run length and the plates are determined by indicators such as – the degree of swelling in the components of paint and flushing solution – in terms of Shore hardness or Thira – the degree of roughness or surface microgeometry (today mostly sanded) kraskoperedayuschego layer. Abnormal swelling exponent printing layer often leads to difficulties in print process, causing excessive accumulation on the surface of the components of paper and ink and, as a consequence, the frequent stoppages to wash the surface Dekel. To ensure proper printing process must be know the limits of record and reject wafers already in the procurement, but not in the printing process. Hardness index print layer is often extended to the entire thickness of the plate, which is wrong because it does not reflect its deformation properties and determines the amount of compression deformation in general.

The concepts of hardness and rigidity of the plates are constantly confused in the translation of foreign technical documentation for the printing machines. Need to know that the rate of hardness relates only to the upper layer kraskoperedayuschemu plate and characterized only by its degree of hardness in units. It should be considered when printing on different smoothness and hardness substrates. With the smoothness of the surface of substrates is also due to the roughness index (microgeometry) printing layer plates, which should have been shown to correspond microgeometry these materials, that provides the most complete propechatku on the sheet. Indicators of the properties of the print surface when selecting Dekel also used incomplete, due to insufficient information, since production of polished wafers in our country has recently been established. However, these indicators should be considered when printing on different hardness and surface roughness of materials, as they directly determine Dekel interaction with paper and paint and significantly affect the quality of printed impressions (see Table 2.). Thus, proper selection Dekel should take into account the above methods and indicators that will allow create a substantial reserve in the area of product quality and durability of the equipment.


In this three-dimensional stereo image is not a matter of fact, and creates flat screen illusion of volume. Fully three-dimensional, when you can look 'for object' is a hologram, but these cinemas and films are very expensive and not widely available. Thus, the figure – 2, 3, 4 – to characteristic type of movie does not specify the number of physical coordinates, is more correct to correlate this number with the generation of the evolution of cinema halls. Following the transfer of volume images, the next stage of development has effects on the vestibular apparatus viewer by moving the chair on which the viewer is in viewing. This step is designated as the fourth, and cinemas are equipped with movable seats, referred to as 4D, that is standard. Moreover, in the course of technology development, followed by movie theaters with moving seats, the technology was developed in the course of filing smells movies such as' sea breeze ',' pine forest ', etc.

These cinemas were called 5D. The effects of additional interventions, such as water and air flows to the viewer, tactile effectors, etc. are not considered as an evolutionary step. Modern Cinema 4D is a presentation system that combines a demonstration of a 3D movie with the physical effects that are supported by various devices in the theater and are synchronized according to the stereo image to screen. Under the physical effects of the hall to understand the vibration and movement of chairs, a simulation of rain, splashing liquid, wind, flashes of light. For this simulation, a chair 4D theaters may be equipped with speakers, reinforcing vibration devices, moving from side to side, back and forth, up and down, nozzles, feed water and air, and the hall – strobe, smoke machines, etc. The main goal of manufacturers of equipment for cinema 4D maintain and strengthen the 'sense of presence' of the visitors of the attraction.

Are there age restrictions for visiting the cinema 4D? We do not recommend going to the 4D attraction to children under 6 years old. Psychologists draw parents' attention to the fact that in this age the child still sees what is happening on the screen as part of the surrounding reality. Therefore, volumetric image and sudden movement of chairs, which further immerse the viewer in a small event on screen can be overly excite his nervous system. Can I use the stereo glasses, which give for watching movies in cinema 4D for viewing stereo pictures or movies in stereo on a computer monitor? No, it is impossible, as in our cinema, we use the glasses with polarizing filters, or to view stereo images on the screen you will need anaglyph glasses, which left oculo with red, and right – with the blue glass or glasses with active polarization. What is 5D cinema? 4D Theater, additionally equipped capsules with aromas of forest, ocean, flowers and fruits. What is the duration of the films in cinema 4D? Duration movies 4D cinema attraction is 15 to 25 minutes. This timing is determined not by chance that movies and allows you to enjoy viewing the stereo image with the maximum comfort to the eye.

Beautiful Places

Travel! Who among us does not dream about them?! Everyone wants to escape from the routine and visit the places where his feet have not trod. Itineraries depend on our ability and desire. You can travel to Russia, city sightseeing, taking pictures, collecting souvenirs later. Let me tell you about the island of Kizhi, located in the middle of the picturesque Lake Onega in Karelia. Beauty indescribable, and I'll say. In summer the island can be reached by ship, and in winter – snowmobiling on the ice directly to the aforementioned lake. On the island of Kizhi is breathtaking in its grandeur and beauty of the museum.

Its foundation dates from the 18th – 19th centuries. Being here, unwittingly plunge into the history of various ethnic groups. At the same time you are enjoying the air sanatory Karelia, its species and snow. Be sure to visit wooden churches, so-called Kizhi necklace. And how many have not passed our roads and we have never seen amazing places.

For example, the ruins of the Counts in the Novgorod region, an ancient fortress in Porkhov, temples and Torzhok Iverskogo Monastery at Valdai, nature on the Volga River near the town of Rybinsk. And you can go to a sanatorium to the sea in winter. This is so cool! After all, most people go to sea in the summer, and there is not overcrowded. Another thing – winter. Fresh air, restorative treatments and massages gym, tennis courts, swimming pools, roof and water heater – is not that wonderful?! And all this just for you and your family. And if there is a sanatorium park, then walking will be twice as nice and helpful. Can not afford a long trip, clear a vacation home. Snowball, build snow forts and throw a battle, ride a roller coaster. And then warmed by the stove and enjoy the fellowship. This holiday you will remember for years to years!

The Advantages Of The Internet

66% have an average income. 29% are interested in business. 39% of the age of the 26 to 40 years. Now we are witnessing a rapid growth Russian-speaking Internet, and besides, those people who use them are very good market potential distributors: these people have good income, they are technologically advanced, 29% of them are interested in business and their number is constantly growing – it's a great opportunity for those who are able to see it and exploit it. 2.

What are the advantages of the internet? Consider only 3 major advantages: 1. Your site is working, unlike you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, even when you sleep, dine, relax or are at the seminar, your site will help you conduct business. And more importantly, the site is never a bad mood, he never ill. And if you ever wondered how to look and what characterized an ideal distributor: Open 24 hours a day, always motivated and is in good spirits constantly making contact does not respond to failures That site is just such a distributor. 2. This is a huge opportunity to expand geography of your business. The Internet provides an amazing opportunity to overcome the distance on your computer. And you can easily and easy to build your business not only in different cities, but also countries and continents. 3.U you open a new, huge market of people, wealthy people interested in business – a kind of network Klondike, and Every day it will grow.

Google Adsense

You will surely find yourself between these two, or are tired of your job, or you want a part – time and a good additional income per month. So, do not try it? These excited, and really should be at that moment, the creation of a website, learn new things, and build something that can help you for a better future is always something very good and exciting. Stage 2 the disappointment or disillusion the be excited about, i.e. the stage number 1, you become a machine to make web pages, content, etc. At least you have 10 pages well built and feel that the world can already know about your website. Then your page will air, i.e. ready for all to see around the world. Much work effort made and finally the hard part is done.

Now comes the reward: the fame and money. But Pummmm! (Hang or crash) Your web page, this air, have sent your website to all the search engines, have touted it as best you think you should and after a few months, you see that you receive only 25 visitors a day and only make $3 in total with your website being part of a good program like Google Adsense, for which you pay for advertising that you put on your site. All the time, all the effort, all those nights sitting at your computer, writing and writing. The extra time you Bombmaker, arranging the design of your web page, everything you learned during that time by only 25 visits per day and $3? Questions you do because others have success and I don’t? You think that it is very frustrating to continue with something that has not borne fruit. You don’t have the most minimal energy to even write one more to your web page. That is the reason why many websites created complete canceled or discontinued.


Every day, we employ the term mobbing, to refer to the harassment that takes place in the workplace, in the labor field, by which a person is harassed by a superior, by one or more subordinates or by the own companions. Situation that can result in physical and psychological disorders of different consideration and gravity. Broadly speaking, be assured that the harasser, or person that exerts over another mobbing, intends to with his behavior, override the beset, in the majority of cases, looking for the target person of their siege, leaves the company, and in doing so is going to use everything in its power. The techniques usually employed are relating to communication, and thus most likely to stop speaking to him, or directly ignore. You can prevent or hinder that their peers to also communicate with him.

Provide a new location, isolated, in the workplace; prevent you from using forms of communication as the phone or computer, disregarding the outcome of their work, using derogatory nicknames, shout or insult to the harassed, there are other techniques that usually employs the harasser. The stalker starts this machinery, usually by jealousy and envy on the personal qualities of the harassed, such as sense of Justice, intellectual brilliance, the impeccable results of their work, or their personal achievements. The most common mobbing is the so-called descending, i.e. be exercised of superiors to subordinates, and very often due to the superior threatened his tenure, or even his brilliance, long-term in the company, and thus decides to delete everything that involves or may involve some competition. They envy his victim’s capacity, and it terrifies them leave exposed, and very visible from the rest, its shortcomings. Of exposed so far, is not inferred that the harassed person has a weak personality structure, or be cautious and scary. On the contrary: often suffer this harassment by face to your aggressor, and among its features are often highlight the intelligence, ability to work, being often charismatic and highly efficient.