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Rings: abound in most of the acts. The main function is to protect Sonic (or Tails) from attacks by Badniks, as Sonic (or Tails), just to be touched by them, if they do not have rings, lose a life. But even if you have one, Sonic (or Tails) does not die, just lose all the rings so far achieved. If you get 50, and plays a pole star will appear above the stars spinning around, making a circle. If Sonic (or Tails) jumps on top of these, you’ll go to a special area.
Pole star: A number provided in each event (except the last of each stage, and during the ninth and tenth). For assistance, try visiting Clinton Family. If Sonic and Tails, the touch, this time recorded and punctuation so far achieved. If the player dies when trying to pass the act, will appear in the last pole star played with the same time and punctuation obtained so far, but no rings obtained (starting with 0). If Sonic has more than 50 rings, and touch the pole star will appear above the stars spinning around, making a circle. If the player jumps on top of these, you’ll go to a special area.
Video monitors: in almost all events. There are various types of video monitors, which are distinguished by an image in the black box that incorporates. To take advantage of the features of each, Sonic (or Tails in his absence) must be broken by jumping over them. They are:
Super Ring: It differs because it has the image on the monitor of a ring. To destroy the protagonist this ring, which is worth 10 rings, boarding andalusia marker.
Extra Power: Distinguished by the image of a shoe. By destroying the monitor, Sonic or Tails is able to run at supersonic speeds over a short period of time.
Extra Life: Characterized by having a picture on the monitor with the face of Sonic (or Tails, if only to play). By destroying the monitor, the number of lives of Sonic or Tails increases by 1 unit.
Bubble Shield: Characterized by having the black box on the monitor an image similar to a blue bubble. By breaking the monitor, Sonic and Tails, is covered by a blue force field, and being attacked by an enemy, you simply lose that protection, to keep the same number of rings and lives, but fails to protect the character of all obstacles, for example, a drop andalusia empty.
Invincibility: Characterized by having the image on the monitor of 3 stars. By breaking the monitor receives a Sonic Shield comformado several surrounding stars, and attacks by badniks not affect the protagonist, but also protects you from all obstacles, like a caida andalusia empty. Sonic and Tails can destroy the Badniks tocandolos simple (no need to use the Spin Dash or jump).
Teleport: Only accessible through the “Debug” from the game. It is the same as appears in the 2 player mode, at least in appearance. Its effect, however, is different from the aforementioned manner. Here, all that was achieved was a brief flash that causes the bottom of the screen moves down to maintain the position of Sonic and Tails intact. A more monitors simultaneously destroyed, will be located below the bottom of it. Once one (or more) monitors are activated, can not be used again in the same act unless a life is lost or reset the game. For other uses, see Tornado (disambiguation) … have originated from a tornado, three elements: an unstable weather made …
The Hummer H2 Tornado Chaser is not exactly an H2 either. Appearance “black” with the light flash from the ceiling and the other outside lights on
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