Origin Of The Term

The term was first coined by Joseph Cubeles, director of the Health market multinational Information Technology Indra, who in a forum for the Expansion newspaper published on 12 July 2007 entitled “Towards an interactive health” alluded to coin the term to what he considered the new approach to health care, and mandatory step for all ICT companies specializing in this area if they wanted to move towards a comprehensive vision and superior health. Previously I had mentioned the concept or Health 2.0 Health 2.0 from the U.S. Peter Thiel brings even more insight to the discussion. due to the thrust and the technological race in which whites are plunged leaders Microsoft and Google.However, Health 2.0 is considered an evolution of this term and to speak of Health, as mentioned above, it is more correct since the clinical history of each patient should contain not only information but also clinical-care work and social life which leads me to talk about health history. 2.0 The concept takes us next version, improved or what’s new. Currently 2.0 is the current progress with a change of focus added. And is that new technologies are making the citizens are finally masters of their own information they generate and what is more positive, see and appreciate for themselves what they can bring added value.From a technical standpoint, this phenomenon 2.0 adapted to the field of Health is providing health professionals and citizens with technological tools that are able, through various programs and applications, to enable millions of patients managing their stories medical use and share with any health professional health information from anywhere in the world.

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Copperstate Chronicles Vol. VI: Prescott, The Navajo, University Medical Center (VHS Tape)