Nocturnal Guard

When seeing one gentleman of humble appearance, loading the document folder under the left arm, with shy steps, but looking at altivo, after to possibly come back of one guich of public taxes where he finishes to fulfill a citizenship obligation, did not have as not to remember my father, who faleceu young to the 58 years and if alive he was would have 80. Not that the personage who vi seemed my father so physically, but the humble semblante, the face who was transparent honesty, the trustworthy air of who does not want more than what it is right and that, perhaps, until receives less than it deserves. Been born in the Paraba, papa created seven children, two of them (Jose and Severino) been born north-eastern (Paraba and Pernambuco, land of my mother), both older than I and unhappyly deceased. I and mine others four brothers already are born in So Paulo, specifically in the city of Campinas for where papa migrou, in years 50, possibly after to suffer accident with bomb from They are Joo, who practically cut with a scythe it the left hand. Without finishing the fourth-series Primary it then, nor defined profession, but talentoso twine poet (not cantador, but counting of histories, that my older brother, the saudoso Z, passed to notebooks with spotless letter) papa came, it saw and it was successful in the South, as well as as much other brothers northeasterns.

The physical deficiency did not hinder it to enter in the extinct Nocturnal Guard of Campinas, where the respected sergeant arrived, with right the confrontation to the bullet and arrests of criminals, until the retirement. Remembering that when arriving in So Paulo at least wise person what it was telephone, the more as to take care of one, papa initiated instructions to the new guards asking if she had somebody that wise person not to use such device. Simple thing, but of people worried about the fellow creature. In the South, it made professional career and here they had been born: the Euclides, I, the Toninho, the Dema (all left-handed people of hand) and our youngest sister, Iracema, that I eat costuma to remember the Dema, is the only right hand between the brothers who had been born in So Paulo, after the accident with bomb, that practically made unusable the left hand of our father. The courage and the humildade of to my are proud me father and comovem until today.