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Colors and Culture: On the other hand, the colors are associated with different messages according to culture. The psychological impact of color is changed. For example, consider what they represent various colors in different countries or regions; Color Passion Red India = West = Africa = black color purity green exorcism Japan China = U.S. = life = money = national symbol Ireland Blue China = immortality Iran = Middle East = shield mourning colors also evoke a variety of feelings and emotions according to culture. Interestingly, there are universal interpretations of certain colors. For example, a survey found that the scarlet color representing power and authority to people from different countries. Websites and color schemes: To create appropriate combinations of colors, ideally, color schemes pre-defined.

These schemes help to match the colors in a practical way. To explore the possible combinations using an interactive color wheel. The following sample color wheel, among others, saturation, brightness and color schemes. Go to: Select a base color for your website. Then design the color scheme based around that color.

If you apply the base color to the heading of the website and the logo, you should apply the other colors of the scheme to the other elements of the same page. For example, boxes, typography, illustrations, bars horizontal, icons, etc.., objects can be in harmony with the logo and shape and the color scheme selected. See the following three color schemes: Monochromatic: one color in different intensities. Triadic: three colors equidistant on the color wheel. Complementary: Colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Analogue neighboring colors on the color wheel and color have a common denominator. Explore online information about other existing color schemes. An important detail is to know that each color has a unique numeric hexadecimal code that helps identify you on the color wheel. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. This makes it easier to select each color accurately according to the required layout and color code table. This also helps to share accurate information with persons associated with the design process. The use of color schemes help you to design web pages that carry the message right people it is intended. The benefits of investing time by selecting a color scheme are many. It projected an appropriate message to the culture of those who are expected to visit the portal, thereby increasing its usefulness and relevance. The author is an instructor of web pages and general editor: