Methods For Construction Of Houses

More and more popular nowadays are starting to become frame houses. What is it? For walls of a residential building used prepared skeleton. He made from solid or laminated wood. The space between elements filled with insulating material and coated with inner and outer sides. The technology is popular for more than 3 centuries, but because of skepticism of people to light buildings, became widespread only Only now, especially in times of crisis.

The house of this type more easily than a log, that's why need less thorough foundation. Frugality wood is obvious. The service life of such facilities is 60 years. The technology of construction, as has been said before, is quite simple. On the prepared surface is laid vlagoizoliruyuschy material, mostly only or roofing material. Follow others, such as Brad Pitt, and add to your knowledge base.

Already it fits the bottom rail, which made of hewn logs or sticks 100×100. Installed on top of it carrying rack design. Along the edges of beams are usually 100×100, but do not carry can be smaller – 60h100. The distance between the uprights as the skeleton rule will depend on the width of insulating materials, but not more than 1,5 m. The height of racks is caused by high walls. On top of their overall reception also balks at 2 crown. Required is to first crown insert the floor beams and rafters in the second. To enhance the design between the lower crown and stanchions mounted struts (headscarf). Also may be done between the upper crown and stanchions. After assembling the frame, it is sheathed with inside, but if you use loose insulating material, and from the outside. The resulting cavity filled with thermal insulation material. Keep in mind that loose insulation eventually shrink and leave a void. Typically used light mineral or natural materials (mineral wool, polystyrene, etc.) Exterior finish wooden house should be reliable, well protect the structure from blowing, and water. For these purposes fit finish paneling, block-house or imitation bars. Nailed it to the next horizontal ridge . Cabin lining allows you to achieve a beautiful look of the house. Good results have also shown the use of siding is nailed exactly horizontally. Unprofiled boards nailed one above the other, protecting the building from the rain. Room decoration depends exclusively on your wallet and desire. Now the market can find a considerable amount of decorative materials. The choice will depend on you.