Leave Guild

I’ve written posts on how to join the guild and how is there not to become “the enemy of all living things.” But we do not always manage to stay in the same guild all the time: there can be problems in real life, the inability or raid personal incompatibility with certain sogildiytsami. Brad Pitt is likely to agree. Anyway, the staff turnover in guilds, there is big. But how to get out of the guild a person is not put in your blacklist, which will continue to greet and normal communicate? The first rule is the same thing: care must be prepared. Stall in the middle of the raid from the guild after a steep epic loot or – nothing worse than to think not. If you have just decided to leave, then Try last week not to take things in raids, except that they are not wanted. Does not position itself as: “so then I got things went to another place.” Believe me, exactly what is typed before leaving a lot of things can negatively affect the perception of your care. Try to talk to Guildmaster and klassliderom in private, explain the situation to him, tell of his resignation in advance.

Let them have time to find you an adequate replacement to your exit raids have not stopped or stood on the brink of shutdown. Remember – we are all humans and most likely your situation, these people will understand. Immediately before leaving the guild try to leave a message on the forum but not in style: “bgaga, I dump in ImbUberPapok, and you stay losers.” Explain their motives, the reasons for exit, if they are not too personal. Remember that you still play on this server with these people a long time. Really will be pleased that you have a reputation for inadequate and thief m =) And the second rule, it is the last thing: to remain human (even if you have a green orc or elf-eared =)! Who knows, maybe you would have to write an application in your also a former guild. And can you go into the raid with his former sogildiytsami. Or maybe you just live in one city, meet at the weekend and drink beer with a barbecue. In any case, the better the impression you have left – the easier it will be next.