Ismael Cassar Understand

If the dedication in finding a valid answer is 9 minutes, assumes that the total time dedicated the Spaniards in finding information looking for really amounts to 126 million of minutes, or what is the same, 2.1 million hours. How long will this last? Do much you to companies the time workers spend in finding information? There are already very advanced initiatives, who have spent many years analyzing malfunction of search engines and the good business which have generated in its coffers. Initiatives that will soon see the light. Initiatives that they understand that the phrases, that they understand the sum of words, who understand up to questions and they emit only results that have specific answers to what actually wondered or wanted. You are initiatives that they already have full name, Chase just to a user, when you search for something on the internet, whether in the internal search engine of a web or using tools online informative or dedicated to education, find click coup exactly what you are looking for. This so-called Artificial Intelligence tool IRESPONDING and developed by a team of programmers led by the engineer of Telecomunicaciones D.

Ismael Cassar, who has dedicated over twenty-five years to take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence, it is that current engines are those who have given the encouragement, sufficient ideas and clues that a group of catalan private capital has invested and put their trust in him during the last 5 years and have allowed him to continue and have prepared the launch your tool IResponding for before the end of this year 2010. In the tests that we have seen, the system only emits a response. It will allow linking to sponsored content related to those who searched and based on descriptions of products more concrete. Times to find the answer you are looking for will be smaller than the time that it takes to put in IResponding (or current conventional search) what you want to find out. From GO Media, S.L., understand that IResponding is going to revolutionize current responses in the network systems, of the internal search websites and searches in mobile telephony, which also will give answers with voice. Probably, current engines and telecommunications companies will have to come to understand its operation or get a new version of what currently exists.