Guerrilla Marketing

Budget what the motto of the Handwerkskammer Oberhausen for craft enterprises was training seminar about guerilla marketing for small business owners by the District more successfully advertise Oberhausen on Tuesday offered 04.05.2010 18:00. Many small business owners accepted the invitation from Mrs. Eichhorn, marketing expert of the Chamber of crafts of Oberhausen, more than 60 participants were enthusiastic about the free event. Read additional details here: Peter Thiel. As a perfect cast for marketing measures in the area of guerrilla Mr Dennis Recksing, CutX Werbetechnik & advertising agency won from Dorsten, this discussed on practical examples, such as guerrilla marketing through vehicle signage works in particular cheap guerilla techniques for everyday use with a small budget for small business owners. He pleaded more courage, fresh new ways to go and with exceptional measures by the competitors to withdraw. Still stood each lecturer for individual talks available upon completion of the training. Conclusion: craft businesses need NEW approaches to succeed in the future on the market!