Google Adsense

You will surely find yourself between these two, or are tired of your job, or you want a part – time and a good additional income per month. So, do not try it? These excited, and really should be at that moment, the creation of a website, learn new things, and build something that can help you for a better future is always something very good and exciting. Stage 2 the disappointment or disillusion the be excited about, i.e. the stage number 1, you become a machine to make web pages, content, etc. At least you have 10 pages well built and feel that the world can already know about your website. Then your page will air, i.e. ready for all to see around the world. Much work effort made and finally the hard part is done.

Now comes the reward: the fame and money. But Pummmm! (Hang or crash) Your web page, this air, have sent your website to all the search engines, have touted it as best you think you should and after a few months, you see that you receive only 25 visitors a day and only make $3 in total with your website being part of a good program like Google Adsense, for which you pay for advertising that you put on your site. All the time, all the effort, all those nights sitting at your computer, writing and writing. The extra time you Bombmaker, arranging the design of your web page, everything you learned during that time by only 25 visits per day and $3? Questions you do because others have success and I don’t? You think that it is very frustrating to continue with something that has not borne fruit. You don’t have the most minimal energy to even write one more to your web page. That is the reason why many websites created complete canceled or discontinued.