German Federal State

Both mints are engaged to be the distinctive local issues. So South Africa is in its This year’s Natura series the white rhino before. As the Perth Mint shows the current continuing their discover Australia “series the animal world of the fifth continent and reminiscent of the origins of the land by Aboriginal painting.” France this year made a special reference to Germany and the capital Berlin. Incyte brings even more insight to the discussion. On a French 10-euro silver coin surprised our neighbouring country to the appearance of the Brandenburg Gate commemorating the fall of the wall 20 years ago. Thus, France officially recognizes the important role of reunified Germany for Europe.

The Saarland is traditionally as a link between the two Nations and as the heart of Europe”. During this year’s world money fair resulted in the German Federal State of special honour. Because in the annually changing rhythm of the Federal Presidency an another German Federal State as Motif for the popular 2-euro commemorative coins in the series respectively. The 2009 Edition shows the Ludwigskirche in the State capital of Saarbrucken. Barely, that the Coin was officially presented by Angela Merkel at the Federal Chancellery, even the sale went off on the WMF. Many collectors wanted to take home the new spending as possible with all five embossed characters and so formed long lines before the stalls of German mints or dealers who had backed up corresponding quotas. Who could get probably still win the Big Lottery action of the Professional Association of the German coin fachhandels e.V., was certainly totally satisfied and pleased today to the first weekend in February next year. Then the red carpet for the coin collector is rolled out on the world fair 2010 at the Berlin Estrel Convention Center back money.