The “Farmer Wants a Wife” has entered its final phase. Of all the participants, my favorite is Carlos Ruiz. It could highlight many qualities of this young man from Cadiz, but the most surprising of all perhaps to join the adjective “young” to his person is so justified: only has 35 years. Carlos is 14 years younger than George Clooney and 25 years younger than Richard Gere. Search the contrast between the farmer Cadiz and these Hollywood actors will seem a semblance of the most vulgar.So I squeezed his brains to find an example that can illustrate the true biological atrocity involving the physical appearance of this Sobrehombre. MAXIMUM VALDERDE Although it may seem that Charles and the actor of “The fox and the scorpion” met doing military service, the age difference between them reaches 30 years. As much as I try, I can not find any rational explanation for the three decades that separate the birth of both have no reflection in its external appearance. Analyzing item by item what can separate a maximum of the farmer, we realize that there are many more commonalities than differences. The job: Discarded. In principle one might think that Carlos is weathered by the harsh life on the farm, but the competition track shows that it is not.The normal hours of this landowner is limited to the following: 1) Notice how your work makes South American ex-junkie. 2) To laugh, without pity, from an administrative Alicante, while his earned andWIPO repeatedly and full of shit to the eyebrows. 3) Burn with an iron grip while others animals. 4) Eat. 5) Pour the nap and probably go to the whorehouse. 6) Put your feet to soak and wash the holster when the time came to such affectations. 7) Go into the bar that runs to spend the rest of the day until r confort the warrior and goes to the rock taurine. Married life: Discarded. Both are and will remain unmarried until the end of days. Responsibilities: Descartad simo. Carlos is so concerned for their livestock as a maximum for his career. Low Life: Discarded.The start of the first edition of “Island of the Famous” went straight through the good anthology of Maximus. That year the organization provided an opportunity for all participants to keep the island a unique tool for survival, which in a moment of crisis could tip the scales of fate in his favor and keep them alive. The Seville, with total disregard their physical integrity and that of the other contestants, chose to wear a cape. What at first might seem a frivolity became a fundamental tool, since maximum sustained a strange “tropical fever” within hours of being away from civilization and its substances. The cloak gave her physical and spiritual refuge, and he could use it as a makeshift blanket and a symbol for all that loved him and missed his body so suddenly.Therefore, premature aging blame gets Carlos to use and substance abuse would be the wrong approach. Philosophy of life: I think this photo of Max with Roc o Bel n Ord ez clear that the values that have been trained actor and livestock are exactly the same. 1) The religious event is a rave. 2) The feet are washed with mixed drinks. 3) The fanny pack is so comfortable and beautiful. 4) The technology should be adapted to rural and rural to technology. If both Max and Charles are Andalusians, avoid any kind of job responsibility, accept no compromise, are healthy and have the same values, why have the same physical appearance despite the 30 years that separate them The answer can be different: Carlos Ruiz is our Benjamin Button.