Gaddafi Returns

New massive concentration in the city of Sebha. He added that the Libyan people not can pay back to colonization, so it has decided to live free or die in his own land. Colonel Muamar Gaddafi has returned to challenge NATO and Libyan rebels to ensure on the occasion of a massive concentration in the city of Sebha (South), that his regime will not end while finally reaches him because Libya is the people. They believe that the great revolution ends with the end of Gaddafi. No, because this is the revolution of the Libyan people, said the official in a statement to State television reproduced by the Libyan agency Jana. In addition, he added that the Libyan people can not leave petroleum nor his fate in the hands of a band, nor can pay back to colonization, so it has decided to live free or die in his own land. In this regard, it was emphasized that the authority is that of the Libyan people, this political regime is the regime of the Libyan people, elected by the Libyan people, decided by the people Libya and the Libyan people carried out. In his message he extended on this issue ensuring that NATO countries believe that the regime in Libya is as their extinct dictatorial and capitalist that reactionary regimes if he resigns a Minister or a Government Alliance falls the Government in a definitive manner.

But Gaddafi said that the difference with Libya is that in Libya there is a regime of parties, there is no Government and there are no elections. Future also announced that the revolution will be the poor, those who resist in every corner of Libya and predicted that if they are imposed in the final victory will oil be exclusively at the disposal of the poor and the facilities in the hands of young people who join the fight. The March organized by the regime in Sebha, about 700 kilometers south of Tripoli, under the slogan of the March of a million, is the second of its kind carried out once last Friday held a mass rally in Tripoli. On these marches Gaddafi declared that the masses of the free Libyan people sent another message to the whole world as already sent him last Friday from Tripoli. The Atlantic Alliance trembled, collapsed their castles and their morale when we made them understand the message of the March of a million () of which witnessed its journalists and its envoys who were in Tripoli last Friday, said the Colonel. About NATO I also assure you that it is falling under the feet of the Libyan people and the marches of the masses. Since the popular uprising of last February 17, which led to an armed conflict, Gaddafi resists the harassment of a few straggling rebels supported by NATO in the East of the country, especially in the cities of Tripoli, Sebha and Sirte. Source of the news: Gaddafi returns to challenge NATO and ensures that the Libyan regime not just with him