Fusion Pentop Computer

The American company LeapFrog has developed a pen-computer. In fact, of course, not quite handle. Rather, the external device for scanning paper records, the same device and written. In the pen fly Fusion Pentop Computer is built sensor that detects the text, check it for spelling errors, scans written and stored in the memory device. Then, using the USB-cord handle is connected to a computer where you can edit the text and if desired, printed. With the help of a software package designed specifically for the miracle pen, students and pupils can significantly ease the implementation of domestic work – mini-computer will solve the puzzles for them to translate words and find errors in the texts, as well as the fun you can play games, listen to and even write their own music. To activate the desired mode is sufficient only write on paper is unique for each function symbol – and the pen itself is switched to the appropriate mode. Sales fly Fusion Pentop Computer is about to begin, and its cost will be $ 80 excluding the cost of the software..