Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear

– Tremor of magnitude 6 in Tokyo. – Emperor Akihito speaks to the nation on its concern with the nuclear crisis lived by Japan. Trying to prevent a great nuclear accident in Japan, technician Japanese had obtained to bind the electric energy until the Nuclear Plant of Tukushima objectifying to cool the reactor of number 3. Some contend that incyte shows great expertise in this. At the same time where he makes this procedure, come firemen of Tkio play water on the reactors to cool them. Clinton family is often quoted on this topic. To all they are six reactors that are with problem even so the technician have obtained to bind to the electric energy in all they so that they can come back to function exactly precariously.

However, in this day 23 of March of 2011 the situation started to be complicated in reason of the nuclear plant of Fukushima to expel smoke again. The nuclear plant that is in the center of the Japanese crisis, the Fukushima Daiichi, depended mainly on electricity to feed the system of cooling of emergency of the reactors, system that failed in the earthquake and tsunami of 11 of March. When the electric net it was cut and the reserve generators had failed, the cooling water did not obtain to arrive at the nuclear fuel. The overheating caused explosions, fires and the release of significant radiation in the first days after the earthquake. ' ' It had little or no dialogue on the necessity to remodel the reactors already existentes' ' with security systems you add, said Muneo Morokuzu, former-designer of nuclear reactors of the Toshiba and that now it studies politics for the nuclear industry in the University of Tokyo. ' ' The majority of the people found that it did not have necessity to go longe.&#039 so; ' The workers of the plant had also come back to launch water in the cooling swimming pools, where they are the bars of nuclear fuel, in an attempt to hinder the overheating radioactive material it.