Football Club

The online solution offers the opportunity to bring a private football quiz Portal without programming effort at the start. The powerful quiz software Quizzermania is equally suitable for the ambitious Football Club, which will provide an additional incentive in the Internet its members, as also for the professional online provider that would like to offer something special in terms of football. Thus, for example, a well-known player his fans in a playful way can present information to his person in the form of quiz questions. The same is true for organisers of sports events, player agents or suppliers that want to offer more than just material facts on their own website. In addition, Quizzermania 2.0 with a focus on football for soccer schools or similar institutions is suitable. So the provider can demonstrate its expertise based on an attractive knowledge control. Total makes a corresponding quiz Portal significantly increase the attractiveness of the respective Internet page.

Also, extensive tests have shown that the time spent on a site many times can be increased. So, the visitors deals with the matter offered in a playful way. Specific offers, products or services can be integrated into an unobtrusive form in the system. The visitors nevertheless perceive this presentation. The basic idea of the quiz system is the playful knowledge around the subject of football. There are three different forms of knowledge control in the present stage of development: quizzes: on different subjects that offers system quiz questions that must be answered within a certain time. Quiz duel: Here two registered football fans compete against each other. Each player gets the same questions.

Who answered the most questions correctly in the allotted time, won. Quiz bet: Here the visitor with its available points on a given football event can bet whether this meets or not. The bets are set by the operator.