The certificates of professionalism intended to formalize knowledge, skills and abilities of workers through a process of accreditation of competences. This procedure is carried out through a call for proposals at the national level or in each autonomous community. Further details can be found at Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, an internet resource. The Mission of this title is to provide the working people who do not have an official degree of a document that certifies their capabilities to carry out a series of specific works of its activity. And it is that experience is more important than any theoretical study on many jobs, with this certificate people have recognized their abilities or skills, so that it easier for them to find your ideal job, or opt for your dream job. In this call for certificates of professionalism workers can prove their skills through work experience and/or non-formal training routes: in the case of work experience.

Justify, at least 3 years, with a minimum of 2,000 hours worked in total in the last 10 years before making the call. For the units of competence from level I, will require 2 years of work experience with a minimum of 1,200 hours in total. In the case of training. Justify, at least 300 hours in the last 10 years before making the call. For the units of competence from level I, will require at least 200 hours.

In cases in which the training modules associated with the drive of competition which aims to accredit contemplate lasting less, be they must certify the hours set out in those modules. The effects of the accreditation of competences are valid throughout the national territory regardless of the autonomous community where the process is carried out. The accreditation process consists of several phases:-orientation (service available permanently) – counselling – evaluation – accreditation and registration the certificates of professionalism can be obtained also directly doing the training that offer public services of Employment in each autonomous community or through participation in workshop schools or employment workshops. Stay abreast of news about certificates of professionalism to prove your skills.