Dental Simple Service

Dentalika 3 Very similar to "Dental.stomatologichesky Area ", by illegible interface and lack of functionality. Requires installation of DBMS Interbase. There is a network version. The only "trick" the application – nice 3D dental formula, incidentally, is not very user-friendly use. Dental Software version for data storage can be used MySql Server or MS SQL Server. The program is built from the ARM-s (workstations), as a physician, surgeon, registrar and other "Dental-Soft has all the necessary to optimize the quality of work, including the possibility to connect digital devices (eg viziografa).

If it were not chopped with an ax design, author of the article at the time would stop their search on this application. Clinic 2004 Version A program that combines the all the advantages described above and not having their disadvantages. Pleasant, friendly interface, lots of extras. Clinic 2004 can be used as a small office, and a large clinic. His voice the author would have given this particular program, whether it is the owner of a large clinic. ToothFairy version 1.0 is absolutely no merit, the list has got only because the author – countryman. All functions applications can be implemented in Microsoft Excel, get even more functionality.

Language – Ukrainian. There are programs which is not possible to assess without first purchasing them. Such a "cats in a sack." Producers promise that everything works fine, even a promise to come to you and for only about $ 20-50 per hour and train staff. Do not want to offend anyone, but I will not believe until they touch. For more information see Naveen Selvadurai.