An accident. But from whom?, I was wondering as to my mind and my body recovered its usual constants of the vigil. By curious as it may seem, not even I had worried find out the identity of the caller. Theirs was a left voice, who spoke slowly, almost in whispers. A male voice, dare I say. But it wasn’t safe. Why, then, had do you case that promptly? In part, I said, while the headlights of my car parting the darkness of the adjacent streets, badly lit and splashed by rain constant and monotonous, because I was a familiar voice.

It was someone close to me, obviously, even if not I would have been able to clarify exactly who was. The streets of the city, apart from having very little light at a time they needed it and be increasingly more wet would have provoked the accident an electrical failure?, they were strangely deserted. I drew me even more that fact attention because I was hoping that I found with ambulances, police patrol cars, fire brigade vehicles, I don’t know, something that escenificase the existence of a tragedy somewhere. Neither had occurred to me putting the car radio to have more data. I guess that, although he would not give me account, yet I was particularly thick and obnubilado in the middle of the morning.

He had not even taken a coffee to clear me. Listen to the radio news an accident always is news, even if it occurs at an untimely time for news services, most preferred to think in my anonymous caller. Who was? Why had I phoned precisely me? What me the accident affected? I looked by the rear view mirror and saw no light at the back of my car. There was also no life overflooded streets that swept the beams of headlights.