Children Paint A Smile

Life experience and wisdom meet curiosity and nonchalance under held the motto “Children paint a smile” the Bethesda Senior Center Berlin in Kreuzberg Graefe neighbourhood on Saturday, the May 2008 one afternoon, the children draw a picture for each resident and each residents. The day children paint a smile”is devoted to the topic of life on the farm” with many exciting games, dance, magic, live music, delicious food and of course the painting action in the Center. As a reminder in the afternoon, each child receives a photo of himself and the painted image. A portion of the proceeds from the income and the raffle are donated to children projects in favour of Kreuzberg. The afternoon will be moderated spree radio by the presenter Jessica Witte-winter from the radio station 105.5. Pledges by celebrities from politics, economy and culture show how important are children and the elderly for the society. Children paint a smile”is an action where naturalness, nonchalance,. Openness and curiosity about life experience, wisdom and serenity, where children meet on older people.

Curiosity, openness, honesty, unconcern, naturalness. These are only a few properties which have children and they live as a matter of course. Properties that are seemingly lost adults on the way of life at our intensity and spontaneity. Children lend a unique, clear expression of your feelings – children laugh, if they laugh, cry children if they cry, children are defiant, if them is afterwards. Children living at this moment, they live in the here and now while we adults already thinking, what would be tomorrow.

Children see the world with different eyes, you see that what we have gradually lost sight. Children hear, what we long since over, children are mirrors that show what we like to hide. You can give us something, which is priceless, gives hope, comfort or even happiness brings a smile that travels with us, fascinated, contagious. The fascination that children exercise, to reach the residents and inhabitants, open their hearts to give you something, what is more valuable than all material on this world – a smile. Smile connects not only the handing-over of the framed pictures by children in the presence of the press at the inhabitants and residents will be two people, but also generations who learn from each other and can teach each other at the end of the eventful afternoon the culmination. So should the image find a nice place in the room and the feelings of happiness this afternoon to stay alive long. Children paint a smile”will have in the coming years a firm place in the calendar of the Bethanien Diakonia. It, a connection between young and old, aims to create between life experience and curiosity between wisdom and insouciance.