Center Humidity

Under the name HYGRASGARD control multifunctional humidity sensors, temperature sensors and temperature transmitter for use in wide areas of building automation realized S + S. Nuremberg, the 04.08.2011: HYGRASGARD means the humidity sensor program of the Nuremberg manufacturer for mess – und REGELTECHNIK, S + S REGELTECHNIK, is the also increased demands in large parts of the building automation. The HYGRASGARD humidity transmitter or humidity sensor and humidity controls are multifunctional and capture the temperature as well as humidity. With measuring ranges from 0% covers a wide range of standard as well as technical applications each S + S humidity sensor up to 100% relative humidity at temperatures between-35 C up to + 80 C. Moisture for many applications is essential, but it can also quickly become the problem. Dripping or rust damage and mold growth are just a few of the consequences that can be caused by high humidity. Not without reason humidity sensors and control used in wide areas of building automation to prevent such damage: in museums, a protection for valuable exhibits is ensured by the humidistat, stands in the food industry the durability and freshness of the food in the Center.

Also in hospitals, production halls, control cabinets, greenhouses and meteorology moisture meters and humidity control are indispensable. The precise measurement in the ventilation and clean room technology, where certain values of the humidity must be constantly measured and kept constant is critical. But also in living and working spaces, air conditioning on the damp regulation is dependent on. Because in addition to the temperature, humidity is an important criterion for human well-being. A relative humidity of approx. 45-55% is considered ideal”. The Nuremberg manufacturer for mess – und REGELTECHNIK, S + S REGELTECHNIK, with its HYGRASGARD transmitter developed moisture sensors and humidity transmitters, such increased requirements to meet.