Business Ethics

Seven points decided to plan during the world forum for ethics in business?Brussels, 19 November 2010-400 delegates, 25 ambassadors and members of Parliament from different countries as well as business leaders and businessmen gathered on November 19, 2010 in the European Parliament and people of all countries called in a world-wide live broadcast to confront the increasing corruption. The event was organized by the world forum for ethics in business (WFEB), a sister organisation of > the art of life e.V. <. The annual International Symposium for executives, which has ethical principles in business life to the theme, the WFEB merges with leaders to urgently necessary dialogue, turning to promote human values and an ethical attitude in business life. The economy is the basis for ethics. In a society marked by poverty, there can be no ethics. Ethics is synonymous with economy and is the Foundation of the economy the State.

The basis of the State which is the civil society. We must see them as related links. People develop slowly a consciousness for this thanks to the media. For the younger ones, this is an opportunity to wake up and realize that you can be successful with ethical principles. Very good gains can be achieved with ethical behavior”, so Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the International Association for human values as well as the art of living and co-founder of WFEB. Main theme of this year’s Symposium was leadership in the 21st century, time for a paradigm shift! “.” Financed by the Belgian Government, the initiative decided a seven-point plan, in which the delegates undertake to support the agenda to the fight against of corruption. According to estimates, $ 30 billion so far, as well as 25 million jobs were lost due to corruption. We have come to decide to become active. We have come to the paradigm shift ushering in.