Affect Childrens Computer Games

Long gone are the days when the most powerful computer was considered a Pentium 1 Pentium 2 and on the go just a rumor, as something supernatural and super power. Certainly, much has changed since that time. With the development of computer technology developed computer programs and computer games in particular. Today, in an effort to outdo the competition, developers of computer games try to create something special, was not there before anybody. In This results must often be obtained very shocking and outrageous designs. Surprisingly, among these projects are increasingly began to appear, and children's games. Currently, British parents are concerned about the appearance of new online games for girls whose main goal is to win a beauty contest Miss Bimbo.

At the beginning of the small user of registered in the game and get my character – still boneless doll, which is needed for constant care and supervision. Next, begin to compete, similar to the one that happens on the real beauty contests with these betrayals and subterfuge. To achieve the desired goal should be to earn virtual dolls money will be spent mostly on clothes and visit frank noisy parties. To keep the doll in the form, it must constantly give pills to lose weight and to resort to plastic surgery to number of SMS message, and then to your account will be credited with a half pound. Parents believe that such entertainment can adversely affect their children, because little girls are not able to understand the irony of the game and may to perceive the beauties of computer lifestyle as a role model. In addition, adults are concerned the likelihood of major unforeseen expenses for this game. English version of the game for the girls 'Miss Bimbo' has about 300 000 players, while in France, where her parents and also condemn the dietician, the figure reached 1.2 million!