A Few Tips To Promote The Site

The most classic way to unwind – a link exchange. And that would not have argued in recent years on different forums and articles – this method of promotion, even when the significant decrease in popularity, is still used. Another thing that for best results it is desirable to have more links leading to the site and a smaller one from the site. To do this, there are services like 1PS.RU offering registered in white catalogs. But I want to offer you a new and growing popularity of the method of promotion – placing articles on the websites offering such service. And there are many sites that will place your articles and free and paid. There are already many services offering as the placement of articles on websites and writing these articles for your needs.

What is the advantage of just such a method to promote your site? Although it is much more laborious and way, namely by placing article on your site with hyperlinks to the desired page, you will reach a much larger effect. Why? For many reasons. The first – the search engines are a real war against the sale and purchase options, and with each upgrade More and more sites get in the ban because sylok posted on their pages. Second – your links accommodated in white directories? Do not worry, after a maximum of 3-4 months they will not be there. Virtually all white catalogs practice removal of long hanging options to make space for new links. Otherwise, they are banned as linkopomoyku. Third – you have changed something with how the site links? The effect of such exchange miserable, imple links that cross. Can many lead to various reasons that prove one simple truth – some links you your site does not unwind.

This will give only a temporary effect it. Of all the links that you place will remain about 20% (at best), which will maintain your site on which a low position. Others including Naveen Selvadurai, offer their opinions as well. Articles is quite different. Firstly, no search engine has never applied any sanctions against the sites on which accommodates the good with the original content of the article. Conversely, such sites are appreciating more search engines for a variety of content, especially if all the articles correctly distributed on relevant topics. Second in the text of the article can be a very clear handle keywords that will link to the desired page on your site. Only at the expense of the effectiveness of links from the text of the article is several times higher than the mere placement of links! Third – the more original Articles will be on the site, the higher position of the site and it will add extra weight to your articles. Ie is absolutely opposed to simply placing links movement. Many links on one site – a ban, many articles on one site – the rise of positions. So it turns out that the placement of an article from a few references in the text, at least 6-8 times more effective than placing the same link on the same site. And over time the weight of links from the text of the article increases. If wisely used several methods of site promotion, the success of your software on 100%!