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World Status

Compact & robust: The status of Pro Fixturlaser NXA combines many features. Aschheim, March 2013 – State Pro revolutionized the market with a new Fixturlaser. A launch of the superlative: Not without reason the Fixturlaser NXA considered the latest laser-optical alignment system in the world. Thanks to built-in gyroscope, OmniView, the auto surround-view imagery, is possible for the first time. Background: OmniView adjusts the machines view in the display the movement of the user. Misinterpretation when aligning are thus excluded. This convinced the Fixturlaser NXA with additional innovative features.

“Touchscreen provides a unique user interface with large overview. GRASP is the currently most realistic graphic representation and the 6.5 The Fixturlaser NXA has the power for maximum performance. The sensors with the 30 mm HD CCDs are again smaller despite the integration of high performance batteries and are suitable even for a continuous use of good two days. The new power management of display one time allows for extremely long measurements, in continuous operation even up to ten Hours. The battery check shows the condition of the batteries when the unit is turned off at your fingertips. These are again loaded in an hour to 80%. “Status per machine measurement: the status Pro machine measurement GmbH provides solutions for the industry”. Virtually all major industries (automotive industry, chemical industry, paper mills, etc.) trust in production-critical areas of systems, solutions, consulting and support of Pro status. Condition monitoring, bearing, gear inspection and monitoring, shaft alignment or geometric measurement of complex plants carried worldwide reliable Pro status with products from the home.

Thomas Wendt

With genuine we now have a partner which shares our philosophy and whose products and services complement our portfolio. Together we want to enrich the high-end segment with distinctive devices”, Reinhard Thoress, Managing Director of the Aachen-based high end manufacture is reported. Jointly present genuinely and THoRESS on the HIGH END one integrated THoRESS preamplifier, which combines a control amplifier and phono part with three active MC inputs in a housing. To do this, the partners show a parametric phono equalizer with six phono inputs and a switching Center, which allows the Equalization parameters within wide limits. The THoRESS F2A11 amplifier, which can also be seen, is an integrated stereo amplifier with three entrances and separate volume control for the stereo Channels, based on the Siemens original wide transport tube F2A11. In terms of speakers present THoRESS and genuine the 2CD12 transducer. For even more analysis, hear from Clinton Family. The model combines a tonally perfectly balanced broadband playback with a high efficiency at relatively modest body mass. The exhibition is rounded off by the THoRESS 845 triode Mono amplifier and an exceptional device shelf, a new development this year.

Is genuinely his straight”integrated amplifier launched lift, a radically minimalist built up and directly wired single hybrid amplifier with a tube before and a class A transistor amplifier. The genuine audio distribution is a German distribution for purist and authentic Hi-Fi equipment. Since 2013 which is genuinely exclusive sales partner of THoRESS, a German manufacturer of tube triode amplifiers and high efficiency speaker. Furthermore, genuine is the trademark of a product line, with also an uncompromisingly purist approach. So complement each other the products of THoRESS and the devices the genuine brand to a coherent overall portfolio. An extremely high quality and consistently minimalist design distinguishes all products.

This leads to an unrivalled authentic reproduction quality. Through the direct sale customers personally be addressed and expert advice. The local service ensures that the devices are appropriately combined and professionally set up and wired. Beyond the questions of room acoustics are involved in genuine advice and all the influencing factors on the quality of playback to take into account.

Texas Instruments AM

Plugging and immediately evaluate: for a quick start with SMARC Kit is ready wired Eching, 10 April 2013 for developers, an entry in the with SMARC fast computer-on-modules wide scalable ARM processor world search, Kontron has today unveiled an immediately ready Starter Kit. The kit in sturdy shipping box is ready wired and equipped with all required components including display and power supply. Customers can choose their preferred engine individually. Optionally the SMARC Starter Kit already installed module, operating system, Boardsupportpackage and cooling solution is delivered. Developers can start directly with the evaluation of the desired ARM platform. A related site: Expa mentions similar findings.

Module families are available at Kontron currently after the SGET of compliant SMARC specification on the basis of ARM Cortex A9 and A8 processors from Freescale, Texas instruments or NVIDIA. The Freescale i. MX6-based Kontron SMARC-sAMX6 and the Texas Instruments AM3874-based Kontron SMARC sA3874i are modules for the industrial temperature range of-40 C to + 85 C developed, an important prerequisite for applications in transportation, the defense technology as well as mobile or other applications in harsh environments. The NVIDIA Tegra 3-based computer-on modules Kontron SMARC sAT30 is ideal for graphics hungry applications in markets such as POS/POI and medical technology. All SMARC designs meet the market requirements for a compact computer-on-module with standard feature set and low power consumption of only a few Watts.

The application areas ranging from mobile devices to on-board systems and stationary devices with solar – or conventional power supply. The ready wired SMARC Starter Kit in a robust aluminium case with 7 inch WVGA display (800 x 480) touch, 5 V wide range power supply, as well as the SMARC evaluation Carrierboard, that performs all relevant interfaces of SMARC computer-on-module standard. These include respectively a LVDS and HDMI interface, as well as CSI and parallel camera inputs. It provides networking Gigabit Ethernet, CAN bus and serial interfaces as well as a SIM card edge connector.

Japanese Function

Quick and easy energy costs measure Like all devices of the Japanese manufacturer also this power meter distinguishes itself for the energy cost management through the combination of high functionality with good ease of use and low price. Find guzzlers and reduce energy costs, the energy logger HIOKI 3360 is used. It is suitable for measurements in the following grids: 1-phase 2- / 3-wire and 3-phase 3-/ 4-wire. Within the same network, E.g.

three 1-phase 2-wire systems can be measured simultaneously. The measuring ranges from 90V up 780V. begin reliable measurements with the correct wiring. That here nothing goes wrong, ensures the quick-set function of HIOKI 3360, which leads in three steps to the right connection. Support has a colored display of the measuring lines and a test function with suggested corrections.

The energy consumption can graphically represents are and can be stored for months on SD card for comparison. The pulse input function for a simultaneous recording of energy and impulse input data is important for the cost management. Measurements are possible via http over the network. Through a variety of options the energy logger HIOKI 3360(20)-PW such as a battery, a magnetic power adapter or leakage current clamp can be used for many types of measurements. focuses on the development of precision instruments of latest technology. Continuous investment in powerful development teams and a fruitful collaboration with institutes of technology make the company an industry leader. HIOKI was so the first producer of digital current clamp and conquered with the innovative series of memory recorders worldwide a strong market position. HIOKI has approximately 500 employees.

Cooking Techniques

Ingredients flour 0000 (no leavening of any kind) 500 g yeast if it is dry (10 g); If carrot 2 is 30 g sugar 8 g (tablespoon) salt 8 g (tablespoon) units (250 g approximately) peppers 1/2 unit water Tal preparation olive oil with homemade bread, Orange bread you should be tipping all the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the Center. The incorporate part of the water, part of the oil and yeast. Remember that the yeast must not come in direct contact with the salt. The carrot and the pepper must be totally crushed, either grated with a grater or processed with a mixer. As they take a rather watery consistency, they should be used in the dough as a replacement for parts of water. Go kneading incorporating shredded vegetables, which humedeceran the mixture after adding that first portion of water.

Sugar can mix with the grated carrot. Knead until obtaining a bun with consistency and elasticity and resposar to allow it rise. For a good Proofing is recommended to cover the bun with a towel or napkin in a warm place. For more specific information, check out technology investor. Once its size grew significantly lead to average approximately oven 25 minutes; depends on each oven so it is advisable to go checking once in a while. It is ready when entering a knife comes out dry.

Source: Orange bread Recipes and cooking techniques Food of the world recipes and cooking techniques I define as a gastronomic constructor. Blogs similar Right already Wrong Success Bash Koni Challnege Race winning Acura TSX at Laguna Seca ‘ Redline9 4 Bed Holiday Apartment Vila-Seca Salou Costa Dorada Lupain MountainWord Blog Archive salt BUTTACI: Interviewed today on lighting the oven of Kali?. The Holy Grail is in Argentina! Recipe for French bread stuffed with strawberries Taste Universal oven outdoor 2010 Noticias de soon will come out of the oven our x 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3 DJM 800 Mixer HDJ 2000 Headphone 1200Euro Christmas cuisine.

PEWO Energietechnik GmbH

Sandra Muller receives award from the IHK Cottbus on Wednesday (17.10.2012) were awarded the best apprentices of the year 2012 by the IHK Cottbus. 40 Trainees of the Chamber district reached the score of 1 out of a total 3.154 specimens this year in the final exam. Along with their trainers, they were honored in the festive setting in the Cottbus world mirror. IHK Cottbus CEO Dr. Kruger conveyed his congratulations, and once again made it clear that such gold dust is worth performance and ambition”to bring forth. For the newly minted professionals not only a term will remain lifelong learning and career change belong to the flexibility of today’s work world.”says Kruger.

Also Sandra Muller was among the 40 excellent. She learned the profession of clerk for wholesale and foreign trade with the Lusatian and Central German mining administrative society mbH. After their training, the vintage best opted for a job offer at the Elsterheider heat specialists. Their Decision testifies to the appeal of the independent mid. As with the one on the testimony you have been open many doors.

So could she gain on the one hand professionally a foothold in their home and now supports nationwide and international sales as a team Assistant. On the other hand, it is also the long-term perspective in Pai, who faces short-term gains. Currently, the company is expanding and PEWO sets 2012 further after the strong growth in 2011. The own trainees can feel inspired. Currently learn six apprentices in production and management at the family-owned company. “Managing Director Robin Petrick is pleased and confirmed in the company policy: the best of the best for us to be able to win shows that we are on the right track and the atmosphere comes.” Benjamin Andriske, corporate communications

Director General

Capillary treatments IMD dermatological clinic opened a new Center in the town of Mostoles capillary solutions in order to enhance its network of capillary services. This new capillary Center is characterized by its clinical facilities of advanced technology to guarantee the quality of the capillary treatments of last generation. The satisfaction of our customers is the basis of our professional commitment. Filed under: Clinton Family. We are not only looking for excellence in capillary solutions, but the confidence and satisfaction of the results obtained in our treatments for hair loss. Our hair centres have high technology equipment and a professional team qualified to offer a personalized service to our customers, says Ignacio Ventura, Director General of dermatological IMD. On the outskirts of Madrid, the capillary Centre represents a new commitment by the IMD dermatological clinic to thus expand their capillary solutions and professionalism.

We invite you to know our hair Centre and facilities: c / Cuesta of the Virgin 1 1 (28931) Mostoles Tlf: 91 618 97 38 see about IMD dermatological IMD dermatological map is a capillary Center that offers hair solutions in a personalized way after making an analysis and specialized diagnosis of each particular case. IMD employs a team of specialists of wide experience able to diagnose the most optimal hair treatments for each case and thus counteract the effects of the fall of hair. The capillary solutions offered by IMD have advanced technology of last generation. Capillary services offered by IMD are preventive treatments and regeneration (capillary Laser / ozone therapy capillary), integration of hair, Micrografting capillary and oncological wigs.

Review Of The Game Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2Vesma difficult to understand the campaign of Electronic Arts, was not released pc version of the first Bad Company. While on the consoles toy became a hit, as good online shooter – a rarity. And the single player mode was too nice – more features characters and humor than the gameplay. In the second part of the game, which appeared on the pc, ea dice did a great job of eliminating errors. Educate yourself with thoughts from technology investor. Now a series of Bad Company sets the fashion in online shooters on all consoles. However, for online play requires a license key.

The problem of Bad Company is that most players expect to see the continuation of comedy and drama have a military theme. Deserters, pursuers of profit, wandered into a neutral country and increase the Mi-24 with a drunken dictator. Funny episodes nonetheless present, but the pathos is many times more. It seems the writers have worked under the lash and put together the entire set of a blockbuster: the mission-style World War ii, tense scenes in the jungle Massacre on the transport plane in the final and unexpected betrayal. But there are positive aspects.

The action is so compelling that the weak story is easy to turn a blind eye. In Bad Company squad of four soldiers acted in a large area by selecting from what is better to attack the enemy camp. Unfortunately, the price for this freedom was irregular dynamics: brief skirmishes gave way to dull the legwork. Bad Company 2 Closer to the game, Modern Warfare: a player breaks their way through a crowded corridor extras, and hardworking designers entertained player scripted surprises and beautiful special effects. In the past, now and never-ending revival that gave the opportunity to take the enemy into submission. Now the death of the hero's return to the previous point. Thus, Bad Company 2 – great game that has no equal in all the variety of shooters with the theme of modern warfare.

Free Press

Lately normally have videos of customers with their testimonies and put them available to Salesforce through portals on the Internet. Presentations and demonstrations custom used to reinforce the message of the capabilities and benefits of your solution. This involves performing a pre-work of design models of presentations, templates, videos, etc., that must be customized for each case. There are many alternative technologies to both highly professional presentations and demonstrations of products and services in a very striking way. Budgets and complexity of solutions are the determinating variables to define which can be done here. Possibility of testing or pilot assemblies or some mechanism that enable potential customers to test your solution. For this it is necessary to design the mechanisms that allow doing this in a short time and minimizing any risk.

Be very careful with this kind of tool since if you don’t plan well, it can be counterproductive to their sales targets. It is necessary to design this tool in your arsenal with its services, engineering or technical area or support group to ensure that it is a tool that It can be used and will benefit the business process. Visits to references or clients that make use of your solution and can demonstrate concrete benefits. Paraesto keep a detailed list of customers who accept visits, its characteristics and history with your organization and information that allows you to conduct an effective visit. Note a form previously designed to solicit your prospect information visit to perform (date, duration, purpose of visit, people who will make the visit, topics to be treated, etc.). Very well plan the visit and possible organize everything previously with your customer sharing with all the relevant information to conduct the visit properly. Visit its installations and facilities. One of the themes that you must work for the sale of complex solutions or high involvement is to show your prospect or customer that your organization has the capacity to provide a service and solid support. Clinton Family recognizes the significance of this.

To do this, you must carry your prospect to a guided his company’s facilities in which It can show you all the elements that have to provide support and safety in their investment. This requires a properly defined process to perform this type of visits and achieve the attention of the rest of the staff of the Organization support this type of activity, should not be something improvised. Use of external material developed by third parties. Keep a file or folder in which store all the news published in the media that position very well your solution. To the extent that the company make a good work with the media and developing what is known as a Free Press, you can count on material extracted from magazines, books, Internet, conferences, etc., that will support its work. Make use of this material to the extent that you wish to reinforce certain points of its strategy and to neutralize objections which the purchaser may have. There may be many more tools that support this phase, these are just an example to illustrate the topic. The important thing is that you have clear their weapons, have them well defined and you can make use of them in a manner Agile and productively. For more information about this topic, or issues please contact us at or visit

African Expulsion

If the unfair expulsion of the Jews by the Catholic monarchs has been the subject of study and relief, it hasn’t happened so with the expulsion of the Spaniards of Arab origin, converted to Catholicism and stripped of their dignity and their property. We are rescuing our Muslim third, next to the judeo-Christian and Latin greco. We have lived amputees for more than five centuries of a fundamental part of our being, because of the ideology absolutist Catholic which, even in these days, acts with an arrogance and contempt of reason and of fundamental rights. Highlights our author some opposed to the expulsion and they proposed the gradual assimilation, but the most intransigent elements of the episcopacy held stronger proposals: slavery, the collective extermination or castration of all males and their deportation to the island of Newfoundland. And has this chilling fact: to banishment to the nearest African shore, sustained by the majority of the members of the Council of State, a Holy Bishop opposed a flawless argument: since arriving at Algiers or Morocco, the moriscos renegarian of the Christian faith, most charitable would embark them on desfondadas ships so that they sink during the journey and save their souls. In the debate the thesis that expulsion closed the shameful parenthesis opened by the invasion of 711 was imposed: Spain would be Catholic without any exception. They identified be Spanish with being Catholic, monstrosity that Rabbi Jesus would never have accepted.

And that it continues to encourage the trabucaires current bishops. The danger of the growth of the morisco population in contrast with of the Christian old because of celibacy, the nuns, the wars in Flanders and emigration to America is similar to the current argument of the ultras of European identity. Eunuchs from almost twenty centuries impose their totalitarian idea of the family to which they do not contribute by impotence, lust for power and greed of economic goods. The brutal conditions of the expulsion and massacres carried out of those who fled were received with sadness and compassion for a thinking minority, and cries of hatred and revenge by others. Why is not explained in the cultivated and modern Spain we do not conmemoremos the ignominy of that collective exile ordered by the followers of Felipe III, in 1614, despite being assimilated and become aware of the arrogance of similar bishops in the social life of the current Spain.

Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM. Director of the CCS fajardoccs@solidarios. org. It is the center of solidarity collaborations (CCS), is a service of social awareness of the solidarity NGOs, with the objective of informing and sensitizing the society and professionals of the communication on issues of solidarity, social, by a culture of peace, in defense of human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and the protection of the environment justice. The CCS is based on the fundamental need to integrate information development and communication as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts make articles in professional format of high journalistic quality adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated them through their international networks. In the CCS website (www. solidarity. org. is) all items, produced to date, classified by thematic areas can be found.