November 3, 2018 3:33 pm

Controls on November 16, 2010 ‘ on Bord’ of the Hamburg 5-star hotel Le Royal Meridien is a specialized crew supposedly unsafe waters of privacy and security. Under the heading Ahoy Hamburg! In the safe harbour privacy, law and IT’, AG gathers the inter-soft consulting services already for the 5th time to one as well information as varied year event professionals and managers in the field of data protection and security. This light as Bertram Huke, Managing Director of the municipal area data center ekom21, and ISO-27001-Grundschutz Martin Steger the competitive advantage of a certification auditor. Hans-Ulrich beer tap, data protection officer of the DOUGLAS group, takes social networks as a target group for canvassing in the visor and the logbook”an experienced supervisor lawyer and businessman Matthias Lindner, including external data protection officer of Linde AG, knows how to report more than Seemannsgarn. Through the fog of the requirements of data protection of workers then maneuver Lawyers and privacy advocates of Dr. Nils Christian Haag, Faezeh Shokrian and Ann Karina Wrede. The convergence between data protection and data security is a significant coordinate in the business process”, believes Thorsten Logemann, Board of Directors of the inter-soft consulting services AG in Hamburg. He will go his thesis on the podium with loaded group managers on the ground. In the aftermath, interested guests can take part in an exclusive ride through the terminals in the port of Hamburg. The complete program is from 9:00 to 18:00 and includes first-class food from the galley. Information about the registration under Ahoy